The textile industry to assume “protecting employment security growth” important mission

March 3, the Second Session of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee at the Great Hall of the opening of the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Jia Qinglin at the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee report on the work of this sentence, giving the left a very deep impression, once again, the party central to people’s livelihood and democratic parties attach great importance to the problem. People’s livelihood, the current CPPCC session has become a major hot spot.


Jia pointed out that, in the face of the complexity of the dire economic situation and do everything possible to solve the problem of people’s livelihood and promote social harmony and stability, particularly important. Has always attached importance to the livelihood of the people always pay attention to people’s livelihood, closely focusing on labor and employment, social security, health care, education and culture, environmental protection, production and food and drug safety problems such as hot government proposals to help the party and the government to do it ask the government to the people, need to ask people, ask the people of the work to solve the immediate interests of good relations between the masses and make efforts so that all the study have taught the people, workers have shown that medical services and a sense of security, has been home to live. CPPCC members should be encouraged in non-public ownership economy a positive commitment to social responsibility, enterprises do not strive to layoffs, the wage reduction proposal, not arrears of wages, the building of a harmonious labor relations.


Important for the livelihood of the textile industry, in the current critical period of development, no doubt bears a “job security” of great historical responsibility and mission. China’s textile enterprises, a majority of non-public enterprises, which for our textile industry’s rapid development and prosperity of the market, he made meritorious contributions have played a decisive role in the promotion of the national economy and various social undertakings made outstanding contributions to development. Especially when the face of fast growing global financial crisis, these non-public enterprises to take up the “security of employment, and promote growth”, as well as to maintain social stability and promoting the harmonious development of social responsibility.


I understand that the majority of textile enterprises in China in spite of shrinking export market, declining domestic demand, such as multiple pressure, but there is no burden of enterprises will be treated as employees, there is no charge to be due to production workers to society, there is no “, etc. rely on, it is necessary to “but actively mining enterprise potential, to conduct an internal digestion, country and industry for the smooth development of the best efforts.


China’s textile industry has experienced a variety of economic crisis and industrial restructuring of major ups and downs, the majority of enterprises have to bear the spirit of perseverance and survive the storm. They are the best one is worthy of a hardship, and most speak excellent industrial army dedication.


Current weight, the majority of textile enterprises in their efforts to achieve a “no layoffs, the wage reduction proposal, not of Wages”, so that enterprises feel the warmth of the large number of employees increased to adjust the revitalization of the textile industry’s confidence, and enhance their enterprise together total grams of the determination of the hard times. Have to admit, however, capable of assuming such a responsibility of enterprises are generally have a certain scale and considerable strength of the enterprise, but the objective on most of the domestic textile industry for small and medium enterprises, with limited ability to resist risks, especially when rare experience of the world financial crisis circumstances, it is inevitable there is no guarantee that their own, facing the crisis of bankruptcy. When a person’s survival is seriously threatened, it is hard to care for others, commitment to social responsibility. Enterprises as well.


The reality of the textile industry by the departments concerned and the country attached great importance to trade associations. Has been introduced at the “revitalization of the textile industry adjust planning”, the clear emphasis of the textile industry as a national pillar industries and the livelihood of the important status of industry to give the industry a number of encouraging and supporting policy to enable the textile industry has been encouraged by the overwhelming majority of staff. Enterprises have to take practical action to show their support for country and industry gratitude, they have to shoulder social responsibility and for the state share for the industry share, as a bounden duty.


Folk music can bring peace and stability. Effectively solve the problem of people’s livelihood is not only conducive to the revitalization of the textile industry to adjust, but also conducive to the national economy and social undertakings in the overall healthy development.