The unique attributes of natural wool fiber is the miracle, have the following characteristics

Water resistance: wool absorb water and gas but the exclusion of liquid, non-absorbent.
Fire: Wool is a natural fire, although to burn, but does not produce or support the flames. Because of its anti-Huoxing, wool carpets are located in a natural fire at home decoration.
Extension: wool fiber is stronger than any other natural extension of. Stem wool fiber can be extended 30 percent, wet wool can be extended 60 percent to 70 percent, even distorted, stretching the circumstances could prompt restitution.
Wear resistance: wear-resistant wool is not only perishable, and can maintain long-term shape.
Fixing: vulnerable wool dyeing, wool fibers on the scattering of light makes colors serrated become soft. As the core of the wool fiber protein can absorb dyes, wool can be a long time to maintain color, and color by dyeing wool become a part of.
Anti-static: As natural wool from absorbing water vapor in the air, not a static phenomenon.
Anti-noise: wool with beautiful natural noise, it can absorb noise and reduce noise levels at home with a wool carpet is a natural noise barriers.
Anti-dust: because wool absorb water and gas, to prevent static electricity aggregation does not attract dust in the air, wool fibers on the serrated sheep so that dust can not penetrate blankets at the bottom of this so easy to keep clean wool carpets.