The upper reaches of various types of raw materials, some slight changes in the situation

Recently, various types of upstream raw materials than the earlier Die Die is a little hard to break some of the changes, first of all look at cotton, although the past few days, the basic price of cotton by-products in significant weak, but the cotton market sentiment throughout the country in relatively good support for the policy Under the performance was warm, very little price stability, has been active trading. Zheng, such as cotton futures market on December 15 CF901 to close at 11,385 yuan / ton, December 17 CF901 to close at 11,370 yuan / ton .12 18 CF901 day to close at 11,380 yuan / ton, 329 domestic spot market, cotton price of the mainstream delivery 10700-10800 yuan / tons by the end of November compared to the previous already has more than 300 – 500 yuan / ton or so of the pick-up.

2, the most recent weakness of the polyester staple fiber market, the overall atmosphere, and some slightly warmer and more the face of rising prices, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region is 1.4D * 38MM mainstream in the price of 7100 yuan / ton or so, a few days ago compared to 200 yuan / ton or so At the mention. This is the main market on the one hand, the upper reaches of Diduan polyester raw material market performed well, continuing the strong stability, is the spot market in East China PTA, MEG prices were the mainstream of 5300 yuan / ton, 4350 yuan / ton, Jiangsu and Zhejiang region slices Mainstream in the 6200-6300 yuan / tons. Compared to more than 500 yuan / ton or so on mentioned, and the cost of Diduan .. On the other hand, pressure was due to pre-Diduan prices fell, losses manufacturers is serious, it is essential to take less, to reduce production losses Face, and the spinning factory clearance is generally the main To this end, the stock market is not high, and some solid pick-up in prices.

3, and the recent viscose staple fiber market is still stagnant virtually weak die hard, the price has dropped down a sales can be desolate, high staple factory inventories difficult, wait-and-see is still a strong bearish market. At present, 1.5D * 38mm viscose staple mainstream market price of 11,900 yuan / ton or so, more for low-cost 11,700 yuan / ton .. but from the current market conditions, viscose staple fiber manufacturers as a result of higher inventories in general, and approaching the end of the financial distress , Is the heavy pressure, manufacturers shipped a strong psychological realized, but the market and the yarn factory or see the mentality is still empty, the atmosphere of lax die hard.

Recently, however, around the yarn market as a whole continues to be vulnerable without change, the transaction can not make them apathetic, or weaker prices, the market as a whole can be regarded as a stagnant atmosphere of fans. All-cotton yarn market, prices continued weakness in the state, and generally high cotton home inventory Growth still strong psychological shipping prices, but market confidence in the business is still difficult to mention, in order to set off into the lead, before the market Shaoxing Qianqing knitting yarn 32s mainstream transaction price of 16,500 yuan / ton, high-32s equipped with cotton in the mainstream 18000 Yuan / ton or so, especially affordable supply the market price is more chaotic, low-cost remains constant. Chun Disha and although the market adhere to the stability of raw materials, but the overall market still can not conceal his weak, sluggish sales do not change, prices of basic fatigue. The mentality of market instability, particularly fine yarn prices appears to be confusion in the market, whether it is mainly cotton mill, Businesses or organizations are having confused factory, mill run mentality goods led businesses still wait and see. Shaoxing before Qianqing 32s Chun Disha mainstream market for 10,700 yuan / ton, 50S mainstream 12500-12800 yuan / ton. Other people cotton market in recent days is more difficult than in the doldrums, the price continued to fall, very few can be traded, high mill general stock funds more pressure, low-cost frequent promotions, a few days ago Shaoxing market Qianqing 30s ring spinning knitting mainstream Closing price of 16,800 yuan / ton, 30s woven mainstream of the market price of 15,300 yuan / ton, lower 14500 – 14800 yuan / ton. The current type of blended yarn overall market trend is only difficult, viscose yarn remains the same, low sales, and market price chaos, continued low-cost, 30s70/30 the market mainstream in the transaction price of 14,000 yuan / tons. Polyester almost Is a poor sales, there is no price in the city of the state, 45S80/20 mainstream price of 14,600 yuan / ton. For now, as the market some manufacturers Office said: “Whether the market is a species which are relatively recent years sales The worst, and even if the price is lower sales also can not afford, you look at the price down so much, the market is still in wait-and-see in the industry ah. ”

This year mainly due to the international environment, the severe power line, the lower reaches of weaving factory in the absence of support for export and domestic sales also under pressure from the relatively poor, would rather stand, Jiangsu and Zhejiang is currently the market is about 40 Kaiji Shuai integrated loom – 45%. And approaching the end of financial pressure on the parties generally more expensive, and enter in October this year, as a result of higher raw material prices, sales of the problem is worse, a loss is generally more serious, more difficult financing . Traders in the middle of this year due to unstable market, having lost the basic and obvious, such as credit, so that confidence in the stock years ago are still generally difficult to temporarily.