The world’s first environmentally friendly textiles introduction of the new standard

In response to the brand and retailer of textile products of strong demand for environmental protection, management of the League to prove the first agency to develop a global recycling standards for textile and garment (GRS), in order to ensure production through the supply chain more transparent procurement of the right.

GRS is a new three-tier system, based on each product recycling standards are divided into standard copper, silver and gold standard criteria. Kim highest standards of the products contain 95-100 recycling materials, silver and standard products contain 70-95% of the waste material, and copper standard GRS logo products do not need to contain less than 30% of the waste material.

All standard products must show that the recovery percentage of the ingredients and put up the appropriate gold, silver, copper GRS logo. Union certificate management body Mark Prosé person in charge said that the development of a global recycling standards for the textile industry in response to growing demand and support their use recycled materials to produce environmentally-friendly products, this standard is a pillar of the track – plus – tracking system for textile factory and the brand On the recovery of the product ingredients to support the request.

Union, management said that follow-up – Canada – tracking system, they will use a proven trading system to replace the virtual on-line systems, supply chain because they are not everyone’s willing to expose any confidential or cost. According to the GRS, the use of textile materials recovery will be based on scientific proof system (SCS) has announced.

In addition to the specifications of raw materials, the standards include environmental standards for processing. It includes strict requirements and waste water treatment chemicals used (according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), as well as Oeko-Tex 100. Social responsibility factors have also been included in the GRS, is aimed at ensuring the health and safety of workers, workers in support of labor power, to comply with International Labor Organization (ILO) to develop standards. GRS design for the world.