This winter is to force! plush savonnerie rugs family

Winter is the season high transaction of the savonnerie rugs, a good piece of savonnerie rugs is not only beautiful, but also warm, is one of our winter must-have products. Silk hair savonnerie rugs this paragraph silk hair savonnerie rugs, style fashion. has Pearl as of luster sense. feel soft, and unique of color and tone can let you of home distributed with a super modern of grade. price: 149 Description: polyester. specifications: 1.90*2.40 Super fine fiber savonnerie rugs Super fine fiber snow Nepalese, savonnerie rugs all used double complex end, bottom with has Deluxe high-grade bottom with has Deluxe high-grade of white sandwiches bottom, Middle complex 5mm thick of sponge, cashmere head average high 3-3.5cm. Compared with cotton chenille rug, Microfiber savonnerie rugs not only in itself does not produce dust, and dust in the air, of super water-absorbent and vacuums (four or five times times the cotton). Price: 110 Description: Microfiber chenille specifications: super secret super soft 140*200CM five centimeters this flag flag yarn savonnerie rugs material flexible encryption to electrostatic savonnerie rugs was added material has the characteristics of dirty cleaning-free-free dust resistance, small flag yarn savonnerie rugs luxury good step on pressure for the living room decoration. Price: 58 Description: Silk damping, sense of super size: small semi mat raw material (acrylic 100%) selected Japan Toyo fiber spinning level and high quality pure cotton worsted together, with a special process, fabric textured soft and strong, to the greatest extent ensures the comfort and flexibility of touch. With water, dust and keep warm function. Price: 19 Description: acrylic 100% specification: 40*63cm Australia selection of pure wool savonnerie rugs Australia one special import sheepskin, fur one. The multichannel working procedure processing becomes, green environmental protection, quality assurance! $ 150 off the price was fair. With such a savonnerie rugs in winter is very comfortable, very skin, but also warm. Price: 150 Description: Australian pure wool savonnerie rugs specifications: sheet of sheepskin bed bedroom savonnerie rugs full breath of youth of color, strong visual impact. Young, exaggerated, passion, vigor, trend lines and geometric patterns break reorganization of elements, creating simple and stylish. Informal summary, use color, bold, innovative design style, is after the favorite. Price: 85 Description: 100% fine, high pile of 15MM specifications: 70*140cm