This year the national cotton area with basically the same as last year

This year the national cotton area with basically the same as last year. Although the affected areas, Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang’s cotton bollworm in some areas there are signs of a rebound, yellow wilt incidence has been rising, the overall growing less cotton last year, but better than all the year round. Even if there is no rain in the late this year will be a harvest year, the total output is expected to be the same as last year.

A new cotton market after the price of cotton and how? You satisfied with the cotton?

According to the China Cotton Association to monitor, as the late cotton, and the opening of a boll-harvest late this year, picking cotton sell significantly slower than the pace last year. At present, cotton has been part of a small number of new cotton market, the purchase price of seed cotton a year-on-year decline in number. This year, due to increased cost of cotton, cotton prices on expectations of higher prices farmers Kai Cheng is currently difficult to accept, more emotional Hard Trading in a Dream. The textile industry due to difficulties in operation, increasing the flow of business losses, coupled with the lack of seeds, cotton linter, and other by-products to support prices, it is difficult for enterprises to accept cotton prices. The lowest cotton farmers do not want to sell, prices did not dare close business, is the cotton market in the early new year facing the main contradiction.

Second, Why Hard Trading in a Dream cotton farmers, businesses closed Shen phenomenon?

China Cotton Association recently went to Xinjiang, Hubei, Henan and other places to investigate, to form Hard Trading in a Dream cotton farmers, businesses closed Shen, for many reasons.

From the aspects of cotton, as a result of agricultural prices, increasing labor costs and other factors, led to a significant increase in the cost of cotton this year. One of the major fertilizer diammonium prices in recent times 1. A preliminary survey conducted around the cost of cotton is about 1000-1200 yuan / mu over last year, up 120-150 yuan / mu. Last year in the history of high cotton prices, the cost of cotton this year, there’s a big rise in the price of cotton farmers in the new high expectations, hoping the same or increase, the price of seed cotton, at least not less than 3 yuan / jin. If this year’s low in price, farmers will be hurt next year’s cotton initiative.

From the textile side, running the industry as a whole the situation is still grim. According to the Organization of the textile industry survey by the global economic slowdown, decreased consumer demand, the appreciation of the yuan, rising costs, tightening money supply and many other factors, the textile industry continued to slump, 2 / 3 of the textile enterprises in a loss or a loss of the edge According to the initiative to limit production to market conditions, the national output of yarn and textiles and garment export growth rate dropped. At present, cotton yarn export prices are lower than domestic sales, export and there is a loss, Neiwaijiaokun textile enterprises, and the situation is more severe. Despite the introduction of a national strike to replace imported cotton, reduction of quasi-tax increase and a series of export tax rebate policy, but reflects the business, with the RMB appreciation and the increase in costs compared to the still far from enough. In the current global economic situation, the textile industry pessimistic expectations for next year. Lack of support for the textile industry, the cotton market recovery difficult.

Cotton from the flow of business, this year’s domestic cotton market remains in the doldrums. The new cotton market two months ago, when the cotton temporary shortage of resources, according to the laws in previous years, the cotton price should rise, the market selling. However, the situation affected by the textile, light volume market, prices declined. The new focus on the upcoming listing of cotton from Xinjiang to the mainland, there are cotton business inventories, shrinking profit margins, the loss-making enterprises increased. 2007 national average purchase price of seed cotton 3 yuan / catty about the sale price of lint in the 13,500 yuan / ton or so, be able to maintain this level, but also due to cottonseed and cotton by-products such as cotton linter prices rose sharply. This year by the impact of oil prices, the price of cotton by-products also dropped significantly, the lack of support for cotton by-products enterprises, more and more cautious market, high prices not easily Kai Cheng.

Third, the cotton market a positive factor for what?

The first is from China’s textile production and export situation, despite a number of factors, but still maintain a certain speed of growth. China’s textile industry is the industry’s advantage, the momentum of rapid development in recent years, even if faced with structural adjustment, will also maintain a certain degree of inertia growth; Second, even though the production of cotton harvest was, but still can not satisfy the demand for textiles, the gap is still 30% About lack middle does not need to change the situation; Third, the tightening of global cotton resources. According to the International Cotton Industry Organization has forecast that global cotton production in the year 2008, year-on-year reduction of 1,370,000 tons, although the cotton price in the international market tends to fluctuate, but overall will be running high; four national macro-control policy, the recent combination of a number of policies issued, Waterloo to replace imported cotton, including the temporary reduction of quasi-tax increase in textile and garment export tax rebates, the Treasury moved Xinjiang cotton subsidies, as well as the stability Shouchu city policies designed to protect the interests of farmers and promote the healthy development of the textile industry.

Fourth, the cotton price fluctuations will it?

If the cotton price decline over the country will start on time Shouchu Tuodi policy to protect the interests of farmers. And this year’s global economic situation and the state’s macroeconomic fundamentals of the policy, determines the cotton and textile market would have difficulty sharp rise of the situation, even if unusual, the state could throw reserve or the stability of cotton imports City. Shouchu in accordance with national policy-oriented price, the analysis of domestic and international cotton market, taking into account the interests of the three farming, farmers in accordance with acceptable, textile affordable, yet the flow of capital preservation of the principles of the purchase price of cotton this year, a new trend, should maintain the basic stability of the , The overall operation and the level of the previous year largely unchanged.

Fifth, China Cotton Association to do?

Since the establishment of the China Cotton Association, the State Council to submit an annual report on industrial policy, called for the establishment of cotton as soon as possible the sustained development of long-term mechanism. In May this year, the China Cotton Association to the leadership of the State Council to reflect the practical difficulties of the textile industry, put forward a series of policy recommendations, some of which have been adopted. China Cotton Association has also established a “Chinese cotton early warning system”, from the weather, planting, picking the acquisition, processing, as well as import and export of cotton to the cotton industry in all aspects of running the monitoring, through the week, “China Cotton Association Express” to the State Council and related Cotton sector to reflect the dynamic run each month through the “situation in the Chinese cotton Report” for the country to cotton, textile industry to the release of the situation. China Cotton Association will pay close attention to the cotton purchase and sale of the new dynamic, down to upload, trade associations should play a good role.

China Cotton Association hope that the cotton textile industry from the business point of view of sustainable development issues in the economic situation, protect the vulnerable groups of farmers of the industrial chain. Cotton processing enterprises should actively intervene in the market to buy, by accelerating the flow way to reduce operational risks and achieve capital preservation profit. We should strengthen internal management, to purchase a good quality of processing, service, management efficiency. The majority of cotton farmers should be a rational analysis of the current situation, seize the good opportunity to sell cotton at the same time picking science to do, to do a good job at picking, sun hours, minutes gone, sub-sale to prevent the “three-wire” mixed seed cotton. If the mix, and other mixed-class and the “three-wire” issue is resolved, the quality of domestic cotton will be highest in the world, farmers will receive the benefits of higher prices for better quality. Farming industry as a chain, one succeeds-jung, a loss will also be ruined. Let us tide over the difficulties and began a new journey again!