This year’s Chinese mechanism carpet industry trends analysis

This year, China has told the development of mechanisms for the carpet industry. In 2006 the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association of Professional Committee of the carpet industry organization of the annual meeting, announced a set of data: in 2005 the total output of the mechanism of carpet over 120 million square meters, an increase of 27.8 percent; mechanism carpet export 34 million sq ft. M, an increase of 57 percent.

Carpet in the use of projects, with many shops and hard materials incomparable advantages. Has a good absorption, and reduce the noise performance, in addition to an indoor provide handsome decorative effect, provide users with more harmonious, quiet living space walk with the safety features, for the elderly and children to provide a safe Living space; suit with the dust in the air, purifying the air role. And wool carpets also adjusts the indoor environment of relative humidity role. In addition carpet also has a relatively more at the end of the maintenance costs.

The whole mechanism of carpet production and processing are the conditions under green, so the use of the carpet will not have any volatile gases are also in a certain advantage is hard to shop the material can not be compared. In all countries launched a carpet green signs, my carpet for the release of toxic gas standards, is based on the standard-setting in Europe and the United States, reached the international advanced level.

China’s economy in rapid and healthy development of good form, China is becoming the manager of the centre of development, mechanisms for the carpet industry in China this year to have maintained the momentum of that development, in line with the development of this form. 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo will also mechanism carpet industry in China bring more development opportunity.

From the carpet industry development perspective, as a long history of the shop and interior decoration materials, carpets are past the palace to enjoy the aristocratic luxury. With the mechanism of carpet technology development, especially the last 10 years, the introduction of electronic technology, like carpets in the world-wide are being widely used. According to the Association of European and American carpet statistics, Europe and the United States to shop fiber material costs of total sales shop and material consumption of around 70 percent, shops and other hard materials such as ceramics, wood, plastic and composite materials such as the total consumption Of about 30 percent. Although the United States and Belgium are two mechanisms in the world carpet-producing countries, but we can predict that China’s mechanism carpet industry in the near future, will become the world’s carpet production and manufacturing center at the same time, domestic carpet has broad consumer market Development of space, in particular the domestic textile market. Europe and the United States and the carpet mature market compared to the domestic market is in a nurturing and development stage. Like how to further nurture and strengthen the market for the carpet industry to provide an enabling environment for development, the challenges facing the entire industry. Textile shop to adapt material is the most environmentally-friendly products to shop, in recent years, as China’s introduction of electronic technology, in addition to the traditional carpet basic functions, the embodiment of the decorative increasingly clear that consumers can spend-and With the color, to carpets and other interior design seamless artistic effect. China has a long cultural history, we will be able to complete our nation’s culture and the arts into our products. As China’s consumption this younger generation of the urgent pursuit of comfortable environment, the carpet into the home market will have a broad space, the carpet industry is also set will have a better future.