“Three doors” test of Shaoxing textile

Oct. 7, the country’s largest printing and dyeing enterprises – Shaoxing, “Martial Law, Zhejiang Holdings,” came the collapse of Long Xie Qi, chairman of Taoshou on the run. October 11, Shaoxing, Zhejiang’s largest private enterprises, Asia’s largest supplier of PTA – “Zhejiang Hualian Group Sanxin” production, on the brink of bankruptcy. A few days, the two local Shaoxing “leading enterprises” have been “registered”, the local textile industry was sparked fears are private entrepreneurs.

What is a regional, industrial adjustment, is a regional development model and the old industrial base and the Secret of the cards, or a precursor of a full-scale crisis? All of a sudden, people divided. On its way of the textile industry in Shaoxing, faced with the role of government, industry chain and brand management to adjust the interests of the three tests.

Eating “hormone,” grew up in the enterprise

Shaoxing is the hometown of Lu Xun. Up to now, this is already Asia’s largest textile centers, Shaoxing, China-made fabrics and one-third of the world. Basically, the textile base in Shaoxing County, Shaoxing under the municipal, here west of Hangzhou, 30 minutes to Xiaoshan Airport, east of Ningbo clothing market. Shaoxing County, 70% of the GDP from the textile industry, so that the textile industry in Shaoxing County is China’s top 100 counties eighth.

Both of these production companies are enterprises in Shaoxing County, on November 7, was in the Far Eastern Chemical Fiber Group in Zhejiang Shaoxing County Coastal Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. 900,000,000 yuan and the injection of 600,000,000 yuan, Hualian has been re-Sanxin Lifting production complex, bid farewell to the bankruptcy crisis. Martial Law is holding 2,217,000,000 yuan because of the huge debt restructuring so far failed.

There have been production of the textile group Jinxiong rings and Spandex Industry Group Co., Ltd. The two private enterprises. Shaoxing county government first made a “guarantee” 4 large enterprises, with banks leading the county to visit neighboring provinces and cities in both active banks and enterprises to seek emergency funds. October 13, the county party committee of the county government also held a meeting of the Governor of the Bank, made the “three noes” requests – not free to withdraw loans, without collateral security conditions do not increase the burden on business loans. In order to maintain social stability, and also the local government to help pay the wages of workers Martial Law. During the interview, the reporter heard a lot of business owners on this question.

Before the outbreak of the issue, the two companies are local politicians and the darling of the financial sector, they are just a few years the rapid expansion of the size of a blink of an eye on the local as well as make the most of the country. Shaoxing, a business owner humorously told reporters: “They are eating hormone grew up.” In the “bigger and stronger,” the guiding ideology, the Government through the land, taxation and financial policies favoring the two companies to include Some of the large-scale private enterprises, “to fight hormone,” wanted them overnight into a “class aircraft carrier” Enterprise.

This approach has brought about two bad consequences. First, a number of enterprise management team and intellectual capacity does not allow this, but the government and the Bank’s support, has been fast expanding. As a result, in the current round of global financial tsunami affected, because of over-expansion, poor management and a liquidity crisis after another large-scale private enterprises in an emergency. Second, due to the government’s financial subsidies eccentric large enterprises, foreign investment, lack of support for small and medium enterprises, with the result that industrial restructuring and upgrading slow, in the end the impact was too busy.

In Shaoxing County, Vincent Fu Guoqing, chairman of Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., these companies are hollow bamboo, great shape, but it can not stand the test as long as the chain cut off funds when domestic or changes in the international situation, the problem is that sooner or later , “If the United States sub-loan crisis does not occur, what other a wind these two companies will also fallen.” “Business is not a ‘bigger and stronger’, but doing fine, you can make a big time, then strong again.” Fu Guoqing This is the business management.

Zhou Yongli local entrepreneurs also abide by the same idea, he took a one-year sales of tens of billions across the textile, real estate, finance and other areas of the group, started in 1986, the textile industry in Shaoxing County, a senior “Roly-poly.” Ten years ago, Zhou Yongli together and won the title of model worker of the local textile industry of private entrepreneurs who posed for now, the picture of other people have been eliminated.

The reason, Zhou Yongli said: “I have done early, but very slow, I do things very slow. I do not like people so quickly, but I do sound, and to do business at National Cheng Kung University has done little , But can not quite do, to the ups and downs, does not matter. Enterprises should judge themselves according to their way of doing it, and the strain change, change does not have the time, do not change. “Zhou Yongli said profit maximization He is not to do business, he is pursued by enterprises always feasible and desirable, he chose a conservative. “My business growth of 15% per year, very good.” Zhou Yongli his Zhizuchangle a look.