Three supple your savonnerie rugs

1, and wool savonnerie rugs difficult problem: borers, and shrink clean method: 1, and vacuum cleaner + hot towel + irons 2, and professional clean agent + vacuum cleaner usually significance Shang by said of wool savonnerie rugs is wool material of savonnerie rugs, it of advantages is soft comfortable, and appearance beautiful, but shortcomings is easy breed borers, easy shrink, difficult cleaning, so in on wool savonnerie rugs for cleaning Shi to special to carefully. Get outdoor rug, tried to shake above the dry dust, tile and savonnerie rugs floor, vacuum full vacuum. In vacuum to note down the savonnerie rugs when parallel to the direction, to a certain extent, increasing the life of the savonnerie rugs to avoid “down” phenomenon, if the savonnerie rugs has hair, warm water with a clean towel wet, gently wipe, and combs the rug wool carding straight, iron, with iron pad wet cloth along parallel to the direction, to restore the status quo. If necessary, you can use professional pure wool rug cleaning agent for cleaning. Will dilution Hou of foam clean agent sprinkled in savonnerie rugs surface, with hand brush along Shun hair direction brush NET savonnerie rugs, at this time, should focused on cleaning savonnerie rugs edge and often was furniture extrusion of local, repeat cleaning times Hou, then with savonnerie rugs comb carding savonnerie rugs hair, this on keep savonnerie rugs soft, rich elastic of texture is essential of a step, until savonnerie rugs full dry through yihou, with vacuum cleaner absorption to dirt and dry bubble Crystal on can has. In our daily lives, if not carefully stains on the pure wool rug, or moisture absorption of cloth with a paper towel to remove excess liquid, then spoon shovel any hard dirt. Pure wool savonnerie rugs are easy to breed mite, the need for periodic dry, but not in the Sun, it will affect the color of the savonnerie rugs fibers, resulting in savonnerie rugs faded, the best outdoor for cured in half cool, and the drying time should not be too long, half a day is sufficient. 2, silk savonnerie rugs thorny issues: effeminate:, faded cleaning methods: professional cleaning silk material rug in the store than pure wool and savonnerie rugs to “effeminate:” a lot. Although the borers of silk savonnerie rugs is not easy to grow, but stained water easily fade, so is not an easy matter to take care of. In order to better maintain the texture of silk savonnerie rugs, best way is to take it to a professional clean shop clean. Silk savonnerie rugs of daily maintenance, to do weekly at least once with vacuum cleaner on its for surface of clean, in using process in the, to as far as possible avoid contact to corrosion sexual of things, as washing powder, and disinfectant,, also some difficult cleaning of juice, and grease also best not contact to silk savonnerie rugs Shang, if accidentally will water sprinkled in above, must to got cool Department dried, avoid in Sun Xia direct sun. Silk savonnerie rugs is not easy to spread a large area in the room, it better not be directly applied to a surface, can local ground floor shops in other savonnerie rugs, to prevent ground moisture against. At least once a year to replace the savonnerie rugs to avoid constantly subject to direct sunlight, affect the color of silk. Carpets need to be rolled up and stored for some time if you do not have, it might be better to savonnerie rugs into a cylinder, placed and then overlaid with kraft paper, remember that plastic packages cannot be used, otherwise easily lead to poor savonnerie rugs permeability, affect their life. 3, the chemical fiber rug thorny issues: no cleaning methods: 1, flush 2 directly, the vacuum cleaner to clean the so-called chemical fiber rug also known as savonnerie rugs and fiber, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and other materials, the majority, it is difficult to breed borers, or mildew, also do not like the pure wool rug easy to shrink, so cleaning can be used directly when washed, convenient. Cleaning is also shaking before clean dust and vacuum full vacuum. Note that each part of the savonnerie rugs to suction to, parallel to the direction you want to as savonnerie rugs wool, if there is “down” phenomenon, and like the pure wool rug. Since the chemical fiber rug will not shrink, so you can directly use the rinse. Full sprays on the savonnerie rugs cleaner, after 10-15 minutes, dirt from the fiber, then use the brush along the along direction brush, and finally rinse with water, in which case the savonnerie rugs dry or hair dryer can be used to speed up the savonnerie rugs to dry. If the savonnerie rugs is smaller, you can also use it directly into the bathroom to wash, convenient and saves time.