Tibetan art high wall – the distillation of Tibetan culture blanket

Tibetan carpet is beginning to surface decoration, color, a single species, with flower boxes and bar patterns majority. However, the possession of such a blanket of traditional Tibetan culture, heritage, with the perfect combination of modern painting art, was given the content and more content, possession of wall is one of them.
In 2006, Dong Yong-long Institute is responsible for the beginning of the specific business. He followed the footsteps of Mr. Xu, was not optimistic about the market, the firm possession of wall-hanging walk the road of development. After trial production after a time, fashionable, rich, full of national characteristics of the Qinghai Tibetan wall there have been in short supply. Chang Dong-yong said: “From pre-production in August last year, so far, wall possession of becoming local residents and tourists of the best gifts. At present, we have developed a nearly 40 varieties, not only Thangka, Tibetan scenes of life, life in Qinghai And so on, even as a celebrity calligraphy and so on to major development. West in this year’s meeting, the possession of our new products, wall-hanging, “the Patio Spring Snow” sold for 6,000 yuan at high prices, which fully demonstrates the development of cultural products also need to Mozhun pulse of the market, to be marketable products, so innovation is the oldest national art display a new vitality. ”

Tibetan wall manufacturing processes

Tibetan carpet production skills goes back to ancient times, and in the ground by the decorative wall decoration aptitude into the process, possession of wall also formed their own production processes.

In general, wall-hanging possession of the manufacturing processes are: design: according to market demand, designed in line with market demands a variety of patterns, at present, in addition to Thangka, Qinghai national conditions and customs, scenery of the Qinghai endures Institute also special ingenuity to Mao Chairman of the poetry, Qinghai, and other major activities and events into tapestries, has greatly enriched the contents of the plateau closer to people’s lives; into line: the key processes, according to the design, to its original white wool dyeing process special requirements stained Color, more rich and varied colors, natural transition; woven carpet: yarn with more or less latitude in the outline, in the lattice pattern on paper with the draw ratio;-blanket: a woven blankets of the rugged-pressure, some of the many cases redundant ; Blanket wash: The blankets will be tailor-made solution on the floating hair washed away, so that the more beautiful color, can enhance a sense of possession down the wall; pruning, stereotypes: Dressing blankets, in order to achieve the best results. Serious distortion products, but also brush stereotyping plastic layer.

Although possession of the production process is set in stone wall, but, as the possession of each wall are hand-weaving, everyone on the details of the deal, each of possession of a wall is unique, and valuable for collection; In addition, it is used in Xining Great white, can be wall-hanging possession of “national characteristics Qinghai works of art.”

“Regong” behind the trade marks

Tibetan carpet as the art of sublimation, the wall has become a possession set decoration, collection, a gift for one of the high-end works of art, a variety of brands on the market range of products. Economics from the Dong Yong-long early in 2004 will be “hot Gong,” the Trade Marks Registry, because he believes that the brand and product specialization will enhance the market value of unlimited.

Dong Yong-long proud to say: “As early as 2004 I will be ‘hot tribute’ registration of trade marks, because at the time of possession in the field of culture, arts Regong Although Qinghai has become a folk culture Jinzizhaopai, people’s trademark sense of comparison Weak, with the protection of local culture, Qinghai mind, I will be ‘hot tribute’ trade marks in Tangka, Duixiu, tapestry wool carpet products in areas such as the right to use the register. Now there is a lot to play in the ‘hot tribute ‘Card, I think that there is no good, because in promoting the culture of Qinghai! ”

Tibet is in the possession of wall carpet weaving on the basis of the national culture, folklore and created their own special dyeing process of painting and modern art that combines the perfect product of Tibet will blanket the ground from the decorative arts into a wall of the decorative arts Sublimation. Tibetan wall – the distillation of Tibetan culture blanket.

Into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Research Institute of Cultural Art Wall, I would stay in the tapestry of the world, and increase the production of a beautiful, bright color so that the possession of wall art here looks Fangruo paradise. “Soul of the snow-covered” the ingenious combination of the two Holy Stones, constitute a Mercedes-Benz in the snow-covered plateau yak, simple and works in the atmosphere, and inspiring; “Heaven and Earth Plateau” to capture the daily lives of the masses of the Tibetan plateau cutting, and shows the day And, static and dynamic, human and the natural beauty of harmony; “lovely Qinghai” cleverly Kumbum Monastery, Mountain, the beauty of Qinghai Lake of the three major series with the use of space conversions, color transitional nature, the audience for the show The United States and Great Qinghai human and natural landscape … …

Qinghai Tibetan culture to bring Wall Plateau Research Institute, a memorable name is — Xu Hongjun. According to the Institute of Directors who is responsible for long-yong, Mr. Xu Hongjun was the Qinghai Folk Arts and Crafts Association deputy secretary-general of the Tibetan carpet is the world’s masters, artist of the High Technology, Institute in its early days, the conditions are very difficult, as president, Mr. Xu Or step by step away from, and in the innovation and development of Tibetan carpet has made outstanding achievements, he will use folk art paintings by Tibetan carpet in the form of manifestation of the rich Tibetan cultural connotation of the wall to enhance the cultural quality. Now, My Beloved remote far, he’s our province to the Tibetan cause of the wall can not forget the contribution.
Going out, in front of a broader

By participating in a variety of fair, non-crafts exhibitions, Qinghai Tibetan Regong wall inside and outside the province not only by consumers, and even exported to foreign countries, not only in Qinghai Plateau culture through modern art production technology to show the world that meet the community and Consumers of high-level cultural and artistic needs and enjoyment, but also to inherit and carry forward the national culture of the plateau, so that many people have met the income and cultural purposes.

“Some time ago, I made a special trip to visit the Tibetan market, the Qinghai Tibetan rich cultural wall, and the Tibet local Tibetan-style wall hanging, features, I have decided to boldly open up the market in Tibet, will focus on the production of ‘mantra 6’ ‘Tan color powder City’, the Tibetan people’s daily life and customs of Tibet, and so on. I believe that as long as steps towards something greater, continues to introduce new products, Qinghai Tibetan Regong wall tapestry of Tibet is bound to lead the consumer market! “End of the interview, Chang Dong-yong said confidently.