Tips teach you choose savonnerie rugs rug before purchase

From the perspective of and room matching first, follow the principle of color. Through the analysis of material use of color in the room, choose the right savonnerie rugs color. One of the simplest applicable approaches: several of the main color for the color of the savonnerie rugs in the room elements, this choice is simple and accurate. After the guarantee of the unity of color harmony and finally determine the pattern and style. It often decided the whole room style trends, is modern or classical; are local or foreign; is a fashion or a classic course, you can also create a personalized room style. Select from functions according to specific external conditions of the savonnerie rugs can have the following choices: 1 indoor rubber-tyred locomotive often activities such as such as a wheelchair, stroller, you should choose pressure, easy to clean synthetic weaving savonnerie rugs. 2 as in larger room lay the savonnerie rugs people flow, you should choose the cashmere high quality, high density, and wear resistance of tufted loop pile savonnerie rugs. 3 for families with small children, you should choose the resistance to corrosion and pollution, easily washed, color darker synthetic fibers woven savonnerie rugs. Except for material, selecting savonnerie rugs can also look at the patterns and pattern: a plain single savonnerie rugs color, and generally do not have border decorations. More suitable for modern style room use, giving a subtle and calm room atmosphere. B savonnerie rugs with big flowers as the theme, and with a vine volume grass, creating a sense of timeless to the screen. More suitable for such a large space and layout is more complex. C arrays of savonnerie rugs with geometric patterns, and to a certain geometric network layout. Color dense pure pigment can be. Generally more suitable home environment for more fashion, at present, and classical room mix will gradually become a new mix of trends. D composition of classical savonnerie rugs from the point of view, traditional savonnerie rugs designs of various cultural backgrounds have followed the divergent principles of composition of the Centre. That often choose to focus on the geometric center of the savonnerie rugs decoration pattern, and then in the edge location for edge decoration, and some are still in the center between the border and then a layer of decorative patterns. Because of its design is cumbersome, colorful, is highly decorative, so much as a tapestry to decorate the walls.