Tongxiang rely on the strong brand silk textile clusters

From Tongxiang City Economic and Trade Development Council, Chau izvor Tongxiang People’s Government, Tongxiang People’s Government to host the town of cannabis, Tongxiang Hometextile brand Four Seasons Plaza hosted “Tongxiang Hometextile Development Forum” in March 5, 2009 in Tongxiang Silver City Garden Hotel. The forum of “industrial clusters to create brands, bigger and stronger silk textile industry” as the theme to explore the international financial crisis facing the adverse effects of silk textile field theoretical and practical questions, with a view of the special period product innovation, industrial upgrading and economic development theory and practice have contributed to the building. The Forum invited the brand marketing experts, industry market cluster experts, textile industry scholars, gathered silk textile enterprises in Tongxiang City, and the township government officials. Tongxiang local media and some sectors were also invited to take part in the media unit of the Forum.


The forum is in the international financial crisis, the adverse effects of the spread, all walks of life against the backdrop of the difficulties facing organized. The purpose of this forum is to bring together experts in silk textile industry and business to jointly discuss how to build “Tongxiang Silk Hometextile” industrial circulation brand; together to discuss ways to become bigger and stronger silk textile industry plans.


Forum, from Tongxiang Yang Jinsheng, deputy director of the auspices. Industry market cluster experts – Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, commercial director of the Center for Economic Research Fellow, Zhu Lian-qing, brand marketing experts – the development of China’s market economy Research Center, Shanghai Textile and Apparel Association, Senior Advisor, Shanghai Zhanguoce Wei Lee brand marketing consultant Lee Wei Speech made subject separately.


Forum Finally, the participants visited the Four Seasons brand model Hometextile Square area, heard the Four Seasons project introduction:


Granville home by the Hong Kong long effort to build the Four Seasons brand Hometextile Square, as a domestic for the first time in recent years, the internationalization of a professional home textile market, at the project site, the overall planning and service system and other aspects of building a comprehensive embodiment of the above-mentioned Chinese traditional strategic thinking – “pre-determined its plan, after the facilities involved,” Interpretation of modern vision is forward-looking system planning project has laid a high-end status of the industry. “MALL + professional wholesale” transaction model, the four seasons are different in other Hometextile Meeting highlights one of the highlights of the market, but also the project developer to change the long-wai home market development, professional a pattern. MALL European origin are “unified planning and operations through a comprehensive shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering and other services of the subject, one-stop urban consumption centers,” which fully reflects modern business culture. Four Seasons Health Planning “market depth service system” will enable investors, operating households, consumers between the formation of a good interactive system, and achieve win-win situation for the basic foundation. Four Seasons will also set up a “brand incubation center”, and Frankfurt, “Today Hometextile”, LDB, Chinese Hometextile Net, Net, such as retailers will set up strategic alliances, all-round services for the enterprise create brand … …


Forum on giving full play to local resources, industry and market advantage, by creating industrial clusters brands, bigger and stronger silk textile industries formed a consensus.