Turkey against China rayon levy anti-dumping duties

According to Turkey, “Le Monde” reported that according to the Land “Official Gazette” notice published since January 12, 2009 from soil will be from China, India and Indonesia imports of artificial silk short (customs codes for 55.08,55.09,55.10, 55.11) to implement the anti-dumping duties. The announcement said the 22 companies should be to the request of Turkish government on the above products anti-dumping review, final decision: The China Textile Co., Ltd. Nantong AZ imported product would be levied above 0.49 U.S. dollars / kg of anti-dumping duties on Chinese products to other companies collection of 0.80 U.S. dollars / kg; RSWM to India’s product would be levied a 0.29 U.S. dollars / kg, and of other Indian companies charge 0.39 U.S. dollars / kg; products to Indonesia imposed 0.23-0.40 dollars / kg, ranging from anti-dumping duties.