Two methods of cleaning the savonnerie rugs dry cleaning in public places law

Hotels, restaurants and other public places because of their environmental particularities, its more professional savonnerie rugs cleaning had to be careful. Here we will introduce two more professional and savonnerie rugs cleaning methods: by dry cleaning and laundry (also known as the savonnerie rugs extraction) method. This article first describes dry cleaning method. Appliances: multifunctional cleaning machine, electronic foam, foam bath rug-brushes, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Cleaning steps: 1, savonnerie rugs with a vacuum cleaner dust and stains. 2, open bubble box power to maximum flow, foam filled with foam bath brush, when the foam overflow when height adjustment brush-handle to the right of use. 3, keeping the brush machine left and right to exercise, from the innermost begin cleaning the room. Each time is 10-15 seconds of motion (savonnerie rugs is dirty, the longer the stay). Half a distance to reverse wash, brush and then back. Special reminder: be sure to overlap with last clean places half a brush, or prone to wave the savonnerie rugs pattern. 4, cleaning up after open the air conditioner, hairdryer. Foam covered with savonnerie rugs in 2-3 hours drying, savonnerie rugs wool in 4-8 hours drying, dry foam forms may just as well not sticky hands powder, float on a savonnerie rugs wool. 5, use the-stop vacuum cleaners, vacuum clean powder, hair combed straight savonnerie rugs. 6, scrub the floor machine or old cloth wipe powder on the anchor line.