Two-rate cut to save small and medium-sized textile enterprises

The evening of Sept. 15, the central bank cuts benchmark interest rate of RMB loans, as well as small and medium-sized financial institutions to lower the RMB deposit reserve ratio by 1 percentage point. Two-rate cut, the intention is very clear: to save small and medium enterprises.

Lowered the benchmark interest rate of RMB loans, to 4 years for the first time.

Difficulty in obtaining loans, export difficulties, the price of raw materials, labor costs and increased environmental costs, this year’s comprehensive changes in the macroeconomic environment, so that the majority of SMEs feel the taste of suffering.

Survival and development, small and medium enterprises rescue operation is the Government, finance, industry started.

The survival of a state enterprise survey

Case A: less than a loan, bleaching and the relocation of stagnation in East Asia

Feng Yu No. 50 Temple compound, bleaching and dyeing of East Asia’s address, here as early as last November on full production, fine chemicals Luk plans to move to Park. The old factory in the region only a few remain.

Bao-Ping Tang, chairman of the company is still here, for an interview, he can not conceal his exhaustion.

Earlier this year, he was also full of self-confidence, planning to move forward after the development of the blueprint, however, due to loan-to-see, Kuni plant built the plant, the company has been unable to move, let alone adding new equipment, a high-end. “We have to apply for working capital loans, the bank let go, because our old plant has ceased production of the new plant has not yet put into production, there is no production of not lending bank statements; we thought about the project to apply for loans, banks still hold, because now Loans are tightened, the textile, printing and dyeing industry is even more stringent restrictions on lending. “Bao-Ping Tang said.

Yu Feng in the Temple of the plant is leased, bleaching and dyeing in East Asia does not own the land, previously home in Liuhe, plant construction, the company has invested 1.1 billion yuan, including the accumulation of all loans are one of the inputs.

In April this year, 70,000 square meters of factory building, however, because the loan-to-see, all the planned everything down and stagnation. In order to retain employees, bleaching and dyeing in East Asia after the shutdown of more than 10 months this time, still insists that the staff made to the basic wage.

East Nanjing bleaching is fairly representative of the private enterprises, in 2006 sales of more than 400,000,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan tax, printing and dyeing industry in the country have known for many years for the banks favor.

Last year, in response to the relocation of polluting enterprises in Nanjing to the call, bleaching and East Asia plans to move to Luk, and decided to take this opportunity to upgrade file, make a big business. In accordance with the original plan, in May this year, Luk new plant will be put into operation, the size of a planned annual production capacity in the 7 – 10 billion, will start printing, dyeing and printing of high-grade fabric, dyeing and finishing industry in the province to build “a brand” .

These beautiful vision of the spirit is still supported Bao-Ping Tang. He said that has never been so difficult to even think of loan sharks have also been thought that the closure of the company. But in this line for more than 20 years to do, or can not bear to leave, or want to adhere to, look forward to turn for the better.

Case B: increase in the cost of corrosion Tower down into three out of profits

Jilin Province, the private enterprises of the Group down 10 years ago came to the development of Nanjing, Pukou set up in the tower down the company. Over the past 10 years, Tower was down 3 large-scale technological transformation and expansion, the expansion of 4 times the size of the plant, brought in from Italy galvanized the entire production line to become the highest technology galvanized domestic manufacturers, with an annual production capacity from 40,000 tons to improve To 150,000 tons. The tower is now an annual output reaching 180,000 tons.

However, this year’s big steel prices, so really the business operators, “Xinjingroutiao.” “We have accounted for steel production costs by 70% this year, steel prices rose to more than 4000 yuan per ton from 6,000 yuan, up 50%.” Related enterprises said that this year is expected to be 30 percent profit steel “away . ”

At the same time, because of the larger changes in the exchange rate, export companies are also very cautious last year, 50% of the total output exported to foreign countries, but this year, exports accounted for only 20% of the production.

“The added value of export orders generally higher capital returns is also good, but a general export items from the contract to deliver six months to 8 months of the cycle, exchange rate changes too fast, and we dare not rashly signed export contracts Of. “The person in charge.

Operating difficulties enterprises also slowed down the pace of development, the original plan in March of this year, it is necessary to move the bridge from the town of Tang Quan Zhen, but until the current relocation plan has not yet activated. The new plant in the planning of wind power tower project has also been a delay.

Nanjing small decline in profits and taxes 6.48%

In 2000, fewer employees, annual sales income of 300,000,000 yuan in the following assets 400,000,000 yuan in the following, all belong to the category of small and medium enterprises, they contributed 80% of the jobs and 50% of revenue.