Uganda 2008-09 cotton sales

Monday, Uganda, vice minister of agriculture said that the Ugandan cotton marketing season of 2008-09 by the global economic crisis hit, the global economic downturn led to a cotton textile products as raw materials demand. As a result of reduced demand in December Ugandan cotton farm gate prices decreased to 550 Ugandan shillings (0.28 dollars), compared with prices in October for 800 shillings / kg (0.41 dollars).

Seed cotton price this year has dropped to 250 shillings, compared with ,2007-2008 for 400 shillings / kg. Prices plummeted because of the global palm oil prices from 1300 U.S. dollars暴跌至500 U.S. dollars / ton, oil prices have fallen substantially and lead to the production of palm oil biofuel nobody cares.

Cotton seed cotton prices are forcing down farm prices. 2008-09 cotton exports from Uganda in December to start, but the farmers refused to less than 800 shillings / kg price of the sale of inventory, the price is decided by the Government earlier this year.

Government cotton crop seen as a strategic one, therefore, allocated 13.5 billion shillings stable cotton farm gate prices, provide farmers with the farmers. Government’s cotton production has developed long-term objectives, aimed at ending the country’s dependence on the export of lint.