Understand the different material properties of savonnerie rugs to select the most suitable

Only understand the different materials of the savonnerie rugs performance, to choose the most suitable savonnerie rugs. A, pure wool rug wool savonnerie rugs feel softer, pull in, good elasticity, colorful and rich texture, and has good antistatic properties, anti-aging, not easy to fade, and other characteristics, is the main material of upscale ground decoration in the decoration. But the pure wool rug of pest, poor resistance to bacteria and moisture resistance. Because of their high cost, used in living room, bedroom, Office of the high grade Villa housing. B, blended savonnerie rugs blended savonnerie rugs are joined in a certain proportion of chemical fibers made of pure wool fiber. In terms of pattern, color and texture feel and the pure wool rug makes little difference, but overcome the pure wool rug poor pest control, easy to corrosion and mildew shortcomings, while improving wear resistance of the savonnerie rugs, greatly reducing the price of the savonnerie rugs, using the broader range, in the upscale home decoration using a higher frequency. C, the chemical fiber rug savonnerie rugs, also known as synthetic savonnerie rugs are nylon (also known as nylon fiber), polypropylene (also known as the polypropylene fiber), acrylic (also known as polyethylene polyacrylonitrile fiber), polyester (also known as the polymerase fibers) such as chemical fiber as raw material, processed into fibers by tufted or woven by layer, and linen back stitched into a savonnerie rugs. Its texture, depending on the sense is similar to wool, wear-resistant and flexible, bright colors and rich patterns than the pure wool rug, has the characteristics of anti-fouling, moth, flame retardant, is very convenient cleaning and maintenance, in General is increasingly widely used in home decoration. D plastic, plastic savonnerie rugs rug made from materials such as PVC resin, thin, soft and hard texture, easy to aging, aging, but colorful, while wet, corrosion-resistant and vermin proof and scrubbed to savonnerie rugs have greatly improved over that of other materials, especially with good flame retardancy and low cost advantages. In family decoration used in the entrance hall, vestibule and washroom next to bath.