United States Department of Agriculture issued a final provisions

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Board issued a final requirement, according to the cotton research and promotion of command, from December 19 onwards, as well as the importer of cotton-containing products, cotton importers to pay the assessment fee per kilogram from 0.8267 to 0.9874 U.S. cents Points. Assessment of the revenue will be used for cotton research and promotion program aimed at expanding the consumer in the United States and the international market demand for upland cotton.

Agricultural Marketing Board pointed out that imports of these products out in the United States Customs and Border Protection on paper, the importer, if the value of the cotton content in the 2 U.S. dollars or less than 2 U.S. dollars, imports of products that you do not need to assess. In addition, if the content of the product in the United States cotton production in non-upland cotton, or, in accordance with the United States plans to organic, imported products in line with 100% organic product categories, imports of cotton and cotton-containing products from the assessment.

This provision also abolished the directory on the need to assess many of the cotton uniform tariff table number, which number no longer in use, or combined with other numbers.