U.S. cotton to the cotton company’s innovative technology into China

“Last year China imported cotton from the United States (10,750, -320.00, -2.89%, right) the number of more than 1,800,000 tons, the equivalent of the entire U.S. cotton exports 50% of the total. China has become the largest consumer of cotton!” Yesterday , On behalf of the U.S. cotton research and promotion of non-profit agencies – Cotton Corporation of the United States once again came to Chengdu to promote the local consumers the latest and most stylish cotton fiber and cotton products technology.

Cotton Corporation of the United States Department of China chief representative Chia-jung expressed the hope that the cotton can be more innovative technology into China, to introduce to the west, the local textile industry to help companies reduce the technological gap.

Chia-jung, the United States has been taking cotton and cotton in the forefront of innovation, research and development of a large number of cotton innovative technology, and the introduction of Chinese, many of the cotton spinning technological innovation projects have been Chinese cotton textile manufacturers and suppliers to adopt, such as “Storm cowboy” technology, “micro-window” to deal with, “Cotton tough” to deal with, “Di Ying music” technology. The activities of domestic enterprises and non-iron absorption of new technologies, such as perspiration.

In the face of the Asian financial crisis, domestic textile enterprises can not be an exception? Chia-jung of the view that China’s textile industry is one of the world industrial chain the best of the best, this is the greatest strength of domestic enterprises. In addition, Recently, countries such as raising the export tax rebate and a series of policies to support the introduction of the enterprise will no doubt reduce the pressure.