U.S. Futures Exchange Cotton futures show range consolidation pattern

Monday (12.15) ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton futures showed the pattern of consolidation range, a weak dollar good cotton market, but the City of crude oil fell to weaken some of the cotton rose in early trading.

March contract closed 73 points higher, at 44.16 cents per pound reported, the May contract up 49 points at 44.61 cents per pound reported. Cotton opened higher today, all the way into the early trading, the dollar weakening sharply, to stimulate the emergence of electronic trading commodities market short covering. At noon, cotton futures fell to the lowest intraday point, but the Chicago Futures Exchange stronger food, cotton quickly rushed into the Japanese high 44.80 cents. Private forecasters predict in 2009 the United States to reduce the acreage of cotton, cotton support from high crude oil fell after the rise of cotton has also been amended, the final day of trading to close at the middle range.

Analysts expected in the near future, in March of cotton will continue to be oscillating between 41-48 cents.

The heavy selling in the market only seems to appear on top of 47.00 cents, trading from the CCC loan redemption in cotton, put Hong Kong Futures Exchange do hedging. Technology may be speculative buying into the market, cotton appears to bottom, trade bargain purchase.

Bullish market may be evolving, cotton ignored the macro-economic weakness, the market all the technical curve coming out of energy, the external merchandise to be strong, while the weak dollar.

Report of the Stock Exchange, Friday, ICE Cotton Day 9432 to reduce inventories (480 pounds) package, to 873,640 the total package, the 3401 withdrawal card stock packages, stock registration packets 7216.

Report of the Stock Exchange, Friday, ICE cotton amount of disk space position 886 in hand, the total to 128,571.

Report of the Stock Exchange, cotton futures traded about 70.2 hands. Options trading, the call about 3550 hands, put about 1367 hands.