U.S. stocks rose this week, some of the varieties of market rebound

U.S. stocks rose this week, the U.S. dollar index finishing back, continued to decline in the commodity markets resulting breathing space, some of the varieties of market rebound, but the rise of limited space.

International commodity markets, the strong performance of the agricultural products in the near future. CBOT soybeans last week from a low of 835 cents to 900 cents Department rebound in the vicinity, but no concussion from the low range. U.S. wheat prices to maintain the period of 500-550 cents range in shock, maize as a result of the energy market has been sluggish in the suppression of 370 cents Department sideways. New York Cotton rose to 47 cents from 40 cents, raw sugar than the week up 0.5 cents to 12 cents. Chinese agricultural support policies on agricultural products, prices began to divide, sugar and cotton prices fell after, beans and vegetable oil-based sideways, Jiang Mai and corn were strong and the other weak one, two significant changes in the price of giving investors more Good arbitrage opportunities. On the whole, the prices of agricultural products due to the rigid requirements and related policy support, would decline significantly weakened, but the reality does not expect a significant rebound in shock to find arbitrage opportunities in the city is more secure.

Industrial products markets this week is basically a narrow range of price shocks, energy market in New York crude oil futures prices fell below 50 U.S. dollars at one time last week, this week in a shock 50-55 dollar range, the deterioration of consumer data to cumulative energy markets, domestic and international rubber market All the way down the automotive industry also extremely light. PTA, LLDPE, and other domestic species Yexian up after the fall, the market is not strong will to do more. Metals market, LME copper prices rebound slightly after the 3600-3800 dollar range into shock, aluminum and zinc also rose after the first or were maintained at 1800 U.S. dollars and fluctuations in the Office 1200 U.S. dollars. Policies to stimulate the economy has not yet reflect the effect of short-term, perhaps the latter part of the metal price will be supported. Gold prices strong, but the dollar did not move up the gold market is restricted space for gold in London this week, the top 800 U.S. dollars sideways, waiting for further market uncertainty may be more prudent to hold one.