Usu City of Xinjiang cotton acreage next year is expected to slightly reduce the

According to Usu City Development and Reform Commission, in December 2008, the SDRC Usu city staff from the Rural Investigation of farmers planting intentions for the year 2009 were investigated, involving a total of 18 points in four surveys households in the investigation, the investigation has a total area of 536.4 Mu. From the survey data, Usu City of cotton in 2009 (11,340, -100.00, -0.87%, right) of the sown area is expected to be slightly reduced in 2008 will be 19.4 acres / households reduced to 18.1 mu / households to reduce the rate of 6.7%, but on the whole, will not be any major changes.

Usu City is a city of Agriculture, cotton is a pillar industry, has been encouraging farmers to plant cotton, cotton production for the economic development of us made a contribution. However, in recent years, the unstable price of cotton, and in 2007 and per unit area yield in 2008 than before in varying degrees lower, making the cultivation of wheat (2005,0.00,0.00%, it), corn (1463, -20.00, -1.35 % It) to increase the relative earnings. However, cotton is still a ussuriensis farming pillar of the city, only a slight adjustment of planting structure.