Various types of domestic chemical fiber raw materials on November 24 market price

Yesterday (24), PTA prices slightly Shangqiao, MEG price consolidation, semi-light, bright polyester chips, CDP chip prices are consolidation, Pan Sheng PET bottle chip prices. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm prices are consolidation; CPL price unchanged, nylon 6 chip prices go up again. Polyester atmosphere is still very light trading, Polyester market trend still appears to be more varieties scattered, although the offer the same smooth, but the actual transaction still discount promotion signs. At present, the lower reaches of weaving, plus business-to-shell Polyester spot intention to purchase up weakening is expected in the short term market stability Polyester vulnerable to adjust the probability of a larger, late on Polyester prices will be Yindie market. Polyester staple fiber price consolidation, the current market price in 6900 yuan / T; viscose staple price trend is still down, the market fell on average 12,750 yuan / T.