Wall-to-wall silk rugsing how to calculate the material?

First measure the length and width of the room need silk rugs, and then choose the width and length of the room (w) equal or slightly bigger rolls of silk rugs. If the width is less than the length or width of the room silk rugs, you need to splice, at this time be weight room long or wide, which have not seen and selected silk rugs width multiplied the number of relationships, such as the long exactly 3 times times the width of the silk rugs in the room, it should be {TodayHot} to room 3 of the width and length dimensions of buying silk rugss. When calculating the silk rugs, should also take into account the concave part of the doorway, in order to maintain the overall effect of the silk rugs, concave part of the basis for calculation, extra edge effect can also be used here. Generally the entire room when some of the rooms have the same silk rugs, there will always be the corner rest remaining, available at the door. When calculating the rug size, you should be aware of where to the joints stay, though some corners you should strive to make more joints less and stay in inconspicuous places, so they will not affect appearance, silk rugs easily damaged from the joint.