Wall-to-wall silk rugsing, purchase their hidden!

Madam Lee family decoration has come to an end, in order to make more warm family atmosphere, Madam Lee chose wall-to-wall silk rugsing, three bedrooms, she has chosen three colors, made of pure wool plain silk rugss. Second day after the laying of silk rugss, Madam Lee came to the new House, found in three bedrooms two silk rugss have different degrees of drum, wrinkling. Stepping on it feels strange, is not pure wool silk rugss of soft comfort, his foot stepping on a few times, no results. Find paving team asked her to stay back paving, silk rugs industry friends at the same time looking for advice, when you resurface, she deliberately arrived at the scene. Professionals, full silk rugs muster wrinkle is the more common defects appear or the laying of silk rugss of common quality defects. Common quality defects and loose silk rugs color inconsistencies. Carpet appears drum, there are two common causes of wrinkles, one because the silk rugs in front of the pavement is not spreading, when another is paving Kern individual barbed elastic unevenness and barbed Board missed due to silk rugs. If the silk rugss before paving is open, muster phenomenon occurs, immediately the silk rugs, in turn, volume, rolled out flat and then to the next process; you can also open pillared midnight well-distributed, Zhang ping immediately mounted barbed Panel, with the flat shovel beating, ensure all barbed can seize the silk rugs. Po xiaobian reminder, select silk rugs, be sure to note the barbed Board quality, wall-to-wall silk rugsing, barbed plate was the key to quality assurance, if barbed barbed loose on the Board, will lead directly to silk rugs shifting loose, so check the barbed, barbed Board failed to timely decoration company configuration barbed to ensure barbed all seize the silk rugs. If inconsistent color, not including materials of poor quality, including grass-roots moist or water-the rug absorbing water discoloration on the surface, and sunlight exposure, the silk rugs surface part lighter. So at the time of purchase it is important to note that the selection of good quality, color, consistent silk rugs, Oh!