Wealthy carpet comfort desired atmosphere of luxury

The modern family, laying carpet is a kind of fashion. The pace of the past winter, may wish to carefully choose a desired comfort of a carpet, added to a warm home.
From the appearance of choice, the basic tone is very important because it formed the first human visual impact. Several rooms will be the main color of the carpet as the color elements, such choice is simple and accurate and up. Design and style often determines the style to room.

Choose to spend large living room-type, dark color of the carpet. The bedroom carpet, choose the general pattern of smaller, crisper color of the carpet, the carpet pattern can be complementary to the furniture style, classic style, national style, full of contemporary carpets are the choice of target.

There is careful to distinguish between the production of raw materials, superior wool and silk is a good guarantee of quality. And then to see whether the carpet on the back of the strong close, the traditional tie is the best guarantee of long-lasting. And then look at the style tone, it is necessary to choose, ENVIRONMENT AND bedroom carpet. Different grades of carpets by hand based on small price to density, which is important that hand-carpet attention to the details of the deal, which is the art of handmade carpets value.

Dumping capsule with the awarding maintenance cleaning tips

Day-to-day cleaning carpets by hand only to use regular vacuum cleaner to suction dust, the use of carpet for some time, should be moved outside to knock the dust out of a dry, but do not expose to the sun, the carpet will be resurfacing the floor clean. According to the situation of chemical fiber carpets on a regular basis with a hair washing detergent, laundry washed back of the carpet. For long-term storage, can be put in the carpet surface Jili camphor ball, carpet will be tied tight on good volume ventilation drying Department.

Visits to family breakdown carpet

According to the process can be divided into: handmade blankets, blanket bayonet, woven blankets and so on. Handmade rugs handmade in plain, pure wool and silk for materials, including handmade Persian carpet-carpet, carpet and the French Tibetan carpets, and so on; bayonet carpet is in the child’s special cloth, the color line will be a variety of thorns by hand A bayonet design, and then blanket in the back brushing glue together at the end of cloth, hand-bag from side; carpet weaving production rely on the method of today’s advanced equipment to produce a short period of time, the price is relatively low.
According to the texture can be divided into sheep blankets, Si Tan Zhen, blended blankets, paper blankets, carpet rags, and so on. Wool carpet has good flexibility, insulation, Kang Wu and flame-retardant properties, are easy to clean, long-lasting color and sound-absorbing capacity and so on. In addition, handmade wool carpet also has the role of hedge against inflation; silk carpet weaving carpets by hand is the most noble varieties, the quality of its high gloss, in a different light under different forms of visual effects; blended in the carpet pattern color, texture and feel And so on, and pure wool carpets is almost the same, but the price and are different from pure wool carpets; chemical fiber carpet fiber as raw material, with anti-burning, anti-corrosion, moisture, wear, etc., are cheap, dust, sound-absorbing , And insulation. For environmental protection, the real ones man-made alternative to animal fur carpet of fur become the first choice for many people, especially in the winter can bring other room carpet unmatched warmth, while creating a rich atmosphere of luxury; rags carpet is an environmentalist The home products for the needs of the family home Jane, the biggest advantage is suitable for washing machine.

Pick their own to find the necessary

From the practical side, require more attention, if indoor wheelchair regular car tire, and other activities, should be selected not afraid of pressure, easy to clean with the synthetic fiber woven carpet; as a greater flow of people in the room laying carpet, should be the first choice of quality cashmere High density, and the wear-resistant carpet Tufting Quanrong; to have the child’s family, the choice should be corrosion-resistant, resistant to pollution, are easy to clean, color-deep synthetic fiber woven carpet.