Weekdays in the care of silk rugs is to take care of your body

Carpet is one of the millions of the most common household fabric supplies, weekdays in more focus on the silk rugs of love, both to keep the room clean, help to people’s health. Frequent areas most vulnerable to pollution, and stain will spread to other parts of the Interior, so should be in the vestibule import and reset a small rug, rub shoes dust to prevent inhalation of dust accumulation and dissemination and for people. Carpets need cleaning because hidden plot in a silk rugs of dust will cause wear to the fiber, and the color of the silk rugs was gray, in the dry days, floating dust from silk rugss inside out, which will affect the room clean and human health. In addition to scheduled vacuuming or laying silk rugs dry cleaning after a period of time, using clean silk rugs dry cleaning on their own; about every two years or so, cleaning companies should employ door-to-door for silk rugs cleaning, to ensure that the silk rugs lasting new.