Wen Jiabao inspected enterprises in Jiangsu Sunshine Group, etc.

Recently, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao to an inspection tour in Jiangsu Province, he enterprises, markets, schools and communities, held a forum on the current economic situation to carry out investigations and studies and extensively listen to the cadres and the masses of comments and suggestions.
9 pm, Wen Jiabao arrived in Jiangsu, Jiangyin City, he first came to the Sunshine Group, which is a manufacturer of high-grade wool textile and garment enterprises. Wen briefed the business leaders asked in detail about the state of production and operation.
Wen Jiabao: the financial crisis on the extent of impact do you?
Enterprises: from the number of speaking, orders speaking, no impact. However, customer requirements and lower prices. ”
A busy workshop. Premier Wen Jiabao left lap around the pipeline, cloth through tailoring, processing units into a suit and soon sent to the world. Wai from his workers, said: “In response to the financial crisis, the confidence is still the most important thing. State of the support policies, or an external factor is a strong impetus to enterprises, but in the wind and waves, enterprises can withstand is on its own vitality and power, is relying on innovation and enterprise markets. This has to rely on our vast number of technical personnel and the broad masses of workers, I am sure that you can through this crisis, not only to overcome difficulties, but also the level of corporate management , product quality and competitiveness on a big stage. “