What fabric characteristics of bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber yarn raw materials selection South quality wild bamboo fiber, using bamboo pulp fiber production of short fiber yarn, is green products, with the raw materials made of cotton yarn production of knitting fabric and clothing, has obvious different Yu cotton, and wood type Cellulose fiber of unique style: wear sexual, and does not up hairball was, and high moisture absorption fast dry sexual, and high breathable sexual, and pendant sexual furniture better, feel clear full, and as silk soft, mildew moth antibacterial, and wearing cool comfortable has beauty skin care of effect. Dyeing performance fine, perfect glossy, and have better natural antibacterial effect and environmental protection, go with the trend of the pursuit of health and comfort of modern people. In particular, specific scale with other kinds of fiber of bamboo fiber blended, both to reflect the performance of other fibers and can give full play to characteristics of bamboo fiber, bring new features to the knitted fabric. Pure, blended yarn (and Tencel, modal, wicking polyester, negative oxygen ion fiber polyester, corn, cotton, acrylic and other different kinds of different ratio of blended fibers), is the first knitting close textile fabrics, trends in fashion, spring and summer of bamboo fiber fabric take effect more than one.