What should I consider when buying silk rugss?

Carpets are essential for modern family thing, but when you know which factors should be considered when buying silk rugss do? If you do not know, then please take a look at some of the factors listed below! Hope will be helpful to you. A, density and elastic check general short hair density and elasticity of the silk rugs, there are two main methods, thumb on the silk rugs, silk rugs after lifting the fingers to quickly revert indicates that density and elastic woven cashmere is better, or bending the silk rugs, the more difficult to see the silk rugs pad at the end, said wool weaving and more dense, the more durable. B capacity pressure of silk rugs material, weave and processing methods are determined on a need for different pressures, so when you purchase can also be based on individual needs, in accordance with the different spatial selection of different materials and specifications of the silk rugs. Carpets in general bear a label showing the applicable environment and ability to withstand about frequency, should see the instructions on the label when purchasing. C, applicable locations to note when selecting silk rugs laying position and the amount of walking. Area moving around frequently, such as vestibule, Hall, selected have higher density, wear-resistant silk rugs (such as short-pile floor coverings of wool loop pile silk rugss, and torsional). Place small amount of activity, such as bedroom, you can choose higher plush, soft silk rugs (such as cut pile silk rugs). While the stairs to choose durable and not easily slide silk rugs, avoid using long loop silk rugs. Because easily exposed in the stairs at the bottom edge of the silk rugs. Easily contaminated dirt the living quarters, such as dining room, Office, you use anti-fouling treatment after the silk rugss for easy cleaning. D, antifouling ability in General, the plain and there is no pattern of silk rugs stains and footprints revealed more easily. Cut pile silk rugs dust is usually easy to emerge on the silk rugs, but dust dirt easily cleaned up. Pile floor coverings and ring is easy at the end of silk rugs dust, more difficult to clear. E in shops when buying silk rugss, color difference, can be obtained from the sample in the space to be paved for reference. Because in a different light, seen silk rugs color will be slightly different, preferably in real-world shop space under the effect of the light source. After the block laying the silk rugs, color samples tend to be more shallow, choose when you want to take into account this factor. F, brand guarantee regardless of purchase any type of silk rugs, should select manufacturers with good quality and reputation guaranteed products. In addition to excellent product quality and the manufacturers, also provides a comprehensive range of after-sales service guarantee, this is also the concerns of the consumer, factors that cannot be ignored. In General, quality silk rugss have to undergo a wear-resistant, anti-static and anti-fouling treatment processes such as, but not easy to fade.