What specifications silk rugs for you?

Currently on the silk rugs market, in addition to whole volumes of silk rugs, there are also special sizes of silk rugs, especially by people of all ages, let’s take a look at the 1. Square block size of the silk rugs of the silk rugs market, more users depending on the size of room area or shop decorations area to the size of the selected square silk rugs you purchase specifications. Square silk rugs suitable for shop decoration after decoration above the ground, covering the part should be frequently used by Interior more spacious area, where furniture and not below often involves having to shop decoration, to play square of silk rugs to economic effective value. Square silk rugs compositions are generally fine, often decorated with Center pattern and edge patterns form complete graphics, color-rich, highly decorative taste. Square silk rugs clean easily, the laying of flexible, can change on a regular basis using the azimuth, make regular friction and damage parts to be adjusted, extended service life. 2. Flower tile silk rugs flowers to spell silk rugs is popular this year, a new type of silk rugs, is made up of small square silk rugs with patterns, with the wishes of the users, like is at a premium, mosaic laying on their own, creating an ideal figure. Such silk rugss most have special treatment of the background, available without a separate liner can be directly applied on the cement floor. Now market this silk rugs specifications are 50 cm square, usually cases sell, laying up province province. After a period of use, wear parts can be moved, distributed processing, in the event of serious stains are easily removed for cleaning. 3. Oval and circular silk rugs oval and circular silk rugs with fine decorative patterns and bright colors, it is often laid and larger and color use single silk rugs. Common where it lay in the silker area and single sofa, area Central, before stepping before bed, and other significant locations. This general use wool material woven into the silk rugs, and fancy highlighting, complex, highly ornamental value. 4. Small square silk rugs small block size of the silk rugs and cushions approximation, in the overall layout of the room in which it has put the finishing touch of magical effect. It can break the effects of large dark dull pattern on the ground, can make the scope of a particular region and there is a clear divide between. For smooth floors, small piece of silk rugs can play to the role of the security transition. People like to walk barefoot in the bedroom. This place may place a small piece of silk rugs. In the bathroom to accommodate small silk rugs can increase comfort and safety, however, to note that performance of skid resistance of silk rugs must have water. Man-made fibers generally use rubber end silk rugs.