Why does not appear in Shandong textile enterprises large losses?

This year, in the face of complex international and domestic economic situation, Shandong textile industry without a major ups and downs, the province the size of more than 4933 textile enterprises is not a collapse, but also without a major area of loss. “Shandong Province Textile Industry Association, said Xiang Chuan.

The first three quarters, Shandong textile production and exports continue to maintain growth in textile enterprises above designated size industrial added value 115.374 billion yuan, up 17.43 percent; textiles and garments exported a total of 11.73 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15%.

Shandong is a large province textiles, after many years of development, has formed a cotton-based, printing and dyeing, wool textile, garment, knitting, home textiles, such as a wide range of production systems. Yarn, fabrics, textile products ranking first in the nation with the industry first, wool capacity ranking the second place, printing and dyeing capacity ranking the third place, chemical fiber, clothing ranks fourth.

Since the second half of last year, with the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, coupled with the recent financial turmoil on the real economy impact, Shandong textile industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, but why does not appear in Shandong textile enterprises large losses, not a business bankruptcy to close it? Xiang Chuan from the following aspects were analyzed.

Many enterprises in Shandong large area of technological transformation. These enterprises have eliminated the backward production equipment; and carried out a large-scale technological transformation and equipment to raise the level of development of a faster pace. Across the industry in the domestic advanced level of equipment to reach more than 60%, of which cotton and equipped with modern equipment to reach 70%. Mengyin County, Shandong Province, such as actively guide the use of recycling textile enterprises to produce profits for re-investment, and strive to enhance their competitiveness, and promote long-term development of the enterprise. This year, the county has implemented a total of textile enterprises, more than 100 technological transformation projects, the introduction of new technologies more than 200 new sets of equipment over 1000.

Shandong textile enterprises attach great importance to innovation. In 2007, Shandong Province, “an annual output of 45,000 tons of viscose fiber engineering system integrated research” project won the national first prize for scientific and technological progress. Shandong, a lot of focus on long-term development of textile enterprises are from great importance to “create” the great importance of cross-border “creative.” Binzhou City, has been organized by “Hometextile handmade boutique creative contest” and “Fashion Products Home Textiles Design Competition.” In these series of competitions, a lot of good ideas come to the fore, such as cattle country showproducts have been “hand-Hometextile China Grand Prix Silver creative boutique,” she developed a number of great concentrationwork was a national award, and some Work is also China Federation of Returned Overseas Museum collection.

Enterprise Management Shandong textile enterprises have been focusing on the core issue. Shandong textile industry has always attached importance to the whole enterprise management of the eternal theme. Binzhou City, Shandong Province, the textile enterprises in the crisis before the international market and actively adjust the proportion of the domestic market, expanding domestic demand while at the same time, optimizing the structure of the domestic market, in hard to maintain stability in such areas as product sales made great efforts. Such as the Arts Group will be within the export ratio of 1:9 from the previous adjusted to 2:8, the group plans to 5 years to achieve the domestic market share abroad super.

Shandong textile industry with the emergence of a large number of industry leaders. Weiqiao Group entrepreneurship development model illustrates this point. The size of the business just a few years time from the Asian Development for the world’s leading. This enterprise is now the size of seven million. Weiqiao Venture Group 160,000 laid-off workers without one, of which 140,000 are migrant workers. In the first nine months, Weiqiao Group recorded a turnover of 62.7 billion yuan revenue, profit 4.4 billion, and export foreign currency more than 950 million U.S. dollars. Weiqiao Group cash flow by strengthening management, and effectively improved the efficiency of fund use.

In addition, Shandong textile enterprises have the ability to deal with unexpected incidents. Textile enterprises have global awareness, sense of social responsibility. Jining, Shandong Cherry Textile Group has 6,000 employees, when encountered in the operation of the enterprise can not overcome the difficulties, by the Jining City of Shandong Province and an active role in coordinating, Shandong Ruyi Group, a wholly-owned acquisition of cherry blossoms, so that the enterprises in a short period of 2-3 months out of the predicament.