Wilton silk rugs use direction

The silk rugs is through the warp, weft yarn, cashmere Mantilla three interweaving, after gluing, shearing operation after finishing together. Due to the silk rugs technology from the United Kingdom in Wilton, therefore known as Wilton silk rugss. (1) single-sided Wilton silk rugs: good appearance retention, blanket-stable, no hair removal, as its production raw material a special, its flame retardant and antistatic performance is excellent. Very suitable for the very high flame retardancy requirements of aircraft used on the silk rugs is intended to be used in luxury yachts, passenger ships and luxury hotels. (2) double Wilton silk rugs: the aircraft was originated in Belgium. Features: fabric body full, compact, square cashmere yarn g major, this loom is the production efficiency of double-layer fabric faster. Wilton silk rugs using direction, is mainly hotel rooms with silk rugs, due to the fullness of the silk rugs fabric, good elasticity, paved foot comfort in the room, is the ideal hotel rooms silk rugs.