Wine bottles can be turned to carpet?

Wine bottles can be turned to carpet? There is no sound associated with the two items because the use of science and technology and environmental protection has been wonderful. A few days ago, the famous wine company Pernod Ricard China the world’s commercial work on the ground materials industry leading manufacturer of the Group of Tan Desi (Tandus), will be a large-scale recycling of wine bottles used for the production of carpets of recycled materials.

The co-operation in innovation, Pernod Ricard China will provide recycling bottles of the product, Tan Desi by the Suzhou factory of crushed bottles of powder processing for the replacement of traditional calcium carbonate mineral raw materials for the production of carpets. At present, the use of the material has been officially put into operation the carpet.

Pernod Ricard Chinese official said, in order to effectively safeguard the interests of consumers, companies and the long bar to drink and so on Church Channel bottles recovery, recycling, including the scope of Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Regal, Martell, Ballantine Tan, Royal Salute, and other brands. Recycling bottles can not only minimize the possibility of illegal counterfeit wine at the same time, after the destruction of the glass bottles can also be used as renewable raw materials, and effectively curb the waste of resources.