Winter silk rugs maintenance of small methods enable cleaner

Now in home decoration, using more and more of the silk rugs. How silk rugs maintenance? silk rugs should be noticed in the course of using the following several points: 1, temporarily unused silk rugss, along parallel to the direction should be rolled up, kept in a cold dry place. Volumes should be blanket edges neatly, must not occur screw-shaped edge, while sub-pest control drug and moisture-proof goods package, to prevent moisture or contamination. 2, when placing furniture on the rug, exposure to some of the best silk rugss used in isolation, to ease the pressure on the silk rugs surface, avoiding deformation. 3, laying silk rugs should avoid direct sunlight. During use, shall not be contaminated by oil, acid, tea stains, etc. If stain should be cleared in a timely manner. 4, in the course of using, should do regular cleaning dust removal work, gently cleaning the best vacuum cleaner every day along the anterograde direction again. The use of cleaning tools not with dentate or rough edges, so as not to damage the silk rugs. 5, silk rugs if local insects or wear, professionals should be repaired in a timely manner. 6, cigarette-free. Carpets usually have fire-retardant features now, but not every silk rugs with flame retardant features. And whether it is flame retardant is not flame retardant, once the cigarette out on top, was burned at least a small Coke. So when laying silk rugs, should be fitted with a small piece of material left in the House. When the above situation, part of charred silk rugs hair with scissors before cutting off, then a small portion of the silk rugs material left with scissors cut, glue stick after finished burning pits. Be dry after carding one. 7, dirty silk rugs can be after a period of time, professional cleaning company to use the machine for cleaning. Their decision interval time to degree of fouling. 8, and blanket dip Shang stains or a thing of the past, should be with milk infiltration moments, then with hair brush dip milk brush wipe to; animal and plant oil trace, available cotton dip purity higher of gasoline wipe; juice and beer juice, to first with soft cloth dip washing powder solution wipe, then with warm water plus little food vinegar solution scrubbed; as killed solution of ink trace, can in pollution Department sub Shang fine salt late, and with warm water mix SOAP liquid brush except. 9, regular vacuums: vacuums are the most basic silk rugs maintenance work, can effectively remove dust on the surface of the silk rugs, it is easy to operate but were vulnerable to neglect, to know that once the dust precipitation accumulation is difficult to clear, so be sure to thoroughly every day dust, thought not to be good again tomorrow. 10, the decontamination: rug in use are bound to local pollution is caused by man-made factors, if found to be contaminated should be cleared immediately, General dirt best decontamination of time not exceeding three days, the world no one can remove all the dirt on clean, and in fact, most of the dirt just found immediate removal is not going to leave a permanent obstinately is filthy. 11, cleaning: the correct method of cleaning silk rugss regularly can recover the real face of the silk rugs, extended life, currently most widely used is known as a dry cleaning (dry foam or dry powder) of cleaning methods, it is to clean the silk rugs surface, has the characteristics of simple operation, fast drying, silk rugs damage is smaller. 12, and deep processing: Dang silk rugs long-term in wet, and oil of State Xia, or because to pollution does not timely caused pollution property seepage to silk rugs roots, then General of cleaning method has difficult to thoroughly wash NET, required used pumping wash of way cleaning, it can to in-depth silk rugs fiber roots of stains, and dust clear clean, but while will left large water, easy caused silk rugs mildew, reduced silk rugs using life. 13, cleanup is never used of teeth or rough edges of tools, this will damage the silk rugs fibers on surface. Wool silk rugss conflict occurs, you need to use clean towels soaked in hot water to clean, with a comb to remove dead hairs straight, iron, iron pad wet bushunmao only be reinstated. In use, where furniture legs touch silk rugs, cushion or often moving furniture should be placed. On serious worn parts, coverings should be taken to protect it.