Wool silk rugs cleaning tips

Tips to clear the wool silk rugs stains wool has a natural layer of protective film, within the aqueous solution is not easy to enter the fiber, when you spill stain on the silk rugs, dirt absorbing silk rugs stains is cleared in a timely manner of absolutely key. By following four a steps can effective to clear silk rugs stains: 1. with clean of white towel or tissue, maximum to clear silk rugs Shang of solid or liquid stains; 2. with suitable of cleaning agent for cleaning, not rub or cleaning stains, not will cleaning agent directly pour to silk rugs Shang; 3. only with cold water or warm water rinsing; 4. with moisture tissue absorption dry stains Department, or using hair dryer machine, with cold air will its blowing dry. Different types of stains need different types of silk rugs cleaning agent for cleaning, silk rugs if pollution is serious, you may need to ask a professional silk rugs cleaning company cleaning. Select professional silk rugs cleaning silk rugs per one to two years of the company, professional silk rugs cleaning company should be invited to conduct a comprehensive clean, New Zealand wool Board recommended by professionally trained and experienced operators, use professional silk rugs cleaning machine (hot water cleaning) for silk rugs cleaning. Before in the employment of professional silk rugs cleaning companies, need to understand whether the professional qualification of the company and staff trained. Top silk rugs cleaning company, cleaning procedures may be as many as seven working procedures, to obtain the satisfaction of the cleaning effect. Many people felt disappointed about silk rugs cleaning, silk rugs cleaning for a short time after, silk rugs and become untidy, one of the reasons may be failed to cleaner, rinse thoroughly clean silk rugs cleaning company, cleaning these residues, could easily attract dust. Professional silk rugs cleaning silk rugs makes new look, therefore, pay some cost, reputable professional silk rugs cleaning company cleaning wool silk rugs is a wise choice for you. Protective chemical treatment as anti-fouling properties of wool fiber has natural, antifouling processing generally do not have to be extra. Some processing methods can provide extra protection on wool silk rugs, which only the silk rugs in the manufacturing process, once silk rugs paving is complete, stop to chemical treatment. Since local treatment on silk rugs, the effect is short, especially flow of larger regional, and even more so. This situation occurs, indoor silk rugs in different regions have different anti-fouling performance, affect silk rugs overall look. Protective treatment may not cause damage to wool silk rugss of silk rugs, but its effect will not last very long, could also make the silk rugs manufacturers of quality warranty. Lanolin is misunderstood about lanolin on wool’s natural oils, is the companion of wool, many people have a misconception: “think lanolin can protect the wool silk rugs, making it from pollution, silk rugs washing will remove the lanolin, making it vulnerable to pollution to wool silk rugs.” The contrary, in front of the spinning wool, after scouring process, lanolin is removed during the scouring process, if there is residue of wool grease, is made after the silk rugs, it attracts dust particles, dust accumulation in the silk rugs surface. Shade differences (also known as “watermarks”) common to cut pile silk rugs, it is similar to indentation, but it is permanent, it is lodging due to pile head in different directions, so as to reflect light toward different, have a visual effect. It is not a manufacturing problem, it does not affect the service life of the silk rugs.