World Tourism Day held at Nanyuan in the maritime Silk Road

Yesterday was World Tourism Day. In the afternoon, the city government-sponsored international maritime Silk Road city of tourism and cultural masters of the Forum to be held at Nanyuan Hotel. China Tourism Association executive vice president, planning and development of the China National Tourism Administration and Finance Secretary, Miss literature 5 well-known experts and scholars around the port city of tourism and the internationalization of the economy in transition upgrading the theme of the speech and dialogue. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Wang Jianbo Municipal Party Secretary-General attended the forum and delivered a speech.

Forum on China’s cultural secretary of the party newspaper and vice president, legal experts heritage of the new Peng Chang, Chinese National Committee for Pacific Economic Co-operation Committee for Trade and Industry Secretary-General, international economic research scholar Wang, vice president of the China Institute of Tourism, regional economist Shi Hua Shanghai University Professor Deng Weizhi, the China National Tourism Administration deputy head of the Silk Road master plan, the international cultural exchange expert Joe ran on the new Silk Road in the global trend of economic integration in the economic vitality of the New Silk Road in the port city’s economic growth Opportunities and challenges, the Chinese port city of Silk Road tourism in the economy, the implementation of the strategy topics such as a speech and dialogue. Wang Jianbo on behalf of the municipal party committee and government of the invited experts and scholars participate in the forum and welcomed the guests and gratitude.