Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, cotton prices hit the lowest in nearly 5 years

2008, by the rapid appreciation of the yuan, a substantial increase in labor wages, enterprises rapidly rising production costs, especially the international financial crisis, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, cotton prices hit the lowest in nearly 5 years. Accordingly, the cotton farmers obvious loss of revenue.

January 8, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Political Consultative Conference and the China Democratic National Construction Association Economic Commission for RICAP in the autonomous regions of Xinjiang People’s Political Consultative Conference, respectively, in the proposal at the meeting suggested that the cotton industry in our region to implement the minimum price of cotton for farmers 100 yuan per mu of direct subsidies, to enhance the enthusiasm of farmers planting and safeguard the fundamental interests of farmers.

Farmersserious losses

Drainage 5 101 farmers of six divisions Mission Yao farmers group loss of more than 10,000 yuan last year. In 2008, his family’s 70 acres of cotton fields collected 11 tons of seed cotton, cotton bollworm years to go through a disaster, weather disasters, the thinking that having a good harvest, did not expect that from September, the seed cotton purchasing price per kg from 5.3 to 5.6 yuan all the way down now per kg from 3.8 to 3.9 yuan.

Qun Yao said he has been to produce much cotton in 2056, and in previous years, the annual gross profit more than 60,000 last year, may suffer a loss. “In fact, we have more than 600 households Mission cotton farmers, most of them have paid, and some paid more than 20,000.”

Aksu Esquel Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. acquired the staff of the Department said that the farmers were cotton prices saw a price one day, every day lining up in the acquisition of departments I rush to sell cotton, for fear that the backlog. “It’s in 2007 before it is can not see, and cotton prices good, are home to buy Rapporteur Buy.”

costs increased substantially

In the Autonomous Region People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Economic Commission for proposals, the members account calculations, Xinjiang’s cotton acres in 2008 the cost of 1213 yuan, representing 113.3 yuan higher than in 2007. Xinjiang’s cotton farmers in 2008 profit and loss critical point of the price at about 556 yuan / Tam (approximately equivalent to 5.14 yuan seed cotton / kg). Unginned cotton prices have now fallen to 3.8 yuan to 3.9 yuan / kg, lower than the critical point of profit and loss by 26%. To as an example, the average price of cotton seed in 2007 from 5.2 yuan per kilogram in 2008 to 6.2 yuan per kilogram; artificial cotton picking fee in 2007 from 1 yuan per kilogram to 1.3 yuan per kilogram;the cost of cotton has increased to 55 yuan per mu. And as a result of insufficient demand, per kilogram of seed cotton purchase price of less than 4 million, lower than 2007 prices, the rise of a colony, making the cultivation of cotton income substantially reduced.

The China Democratic National Construction Association RICAP Xinjiang when submitting the proposal pointed out that some farmers simply as a result of loss of depositors do not sell cotton Hard Trading in a Dream, and the fear of decline ginneries risk, but also did not dare land cotton, as at the end of November 2008, I only completed the acquisition of areas of progress 50% ~ 70%. Two proposals are of the view that Xinjiang’s cotton industry is faced with severe challenges, we must as soon as possible to take effective measures to solve the cotton industry development that exist in many outstanding problems, and promote the healthy development of cotton industry.

Benchmarks to determine the acquisition price

Economic Committee of the CPPCC regional committee members recommended by the State in accordance with the higher cost of cotton production to determine the benchmark price of the acquisition, when the market price above the benchmark target price when the market price of cotton enterprises acquisitions; when the market price lower than the national benchmarks to determine target price when designated by the State qualified to shore up the market to buy cotton enterprises, spread in part by the financial subsidies. At the same time, countries have decided to Korla City, and the establishment of a central cotton reserves Shihezi City transit Treasury on the basis of the interim library to speed up the construction pace of cotton reserves and substantial increase in the number of reserves,regular cotton, stable development of textile enterprises.

Hundred dollars per acre cotton subsidies

Xinjiang, China Democratic National Construction Association RICAP the proposals made by members is even more straightforward: to give farmers 100 yuan per mu of direct subsidies, while the implementation of Xinjiang’s cotton agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, drip irrigation, water, electricity, training, education and other production Comprehensive subsidies, counter-cyclical subsidies.

Members said that the proceeds of cotton farmers in our region is one of the main sources of income, at present, per capita income of farmers in the region’s income accounted for 35 percent of cotton, of which the main cotton-producing regions of the Southern Xinjiang cotton farmers income in per capita income of around 60%.

In 2007, our region 2673.8 million mu of cotton acreage, cotton area, yield, total output, adjusted for the volume ranking first in 15 years to promote the national cotton production and textile enterprise development, to ensure that national strategic security cotton made important contributions. Therefore, a reasonable policy to develop the cotton industry development, increasing farmers income, to ensure that farmers confidence is to enhance the strategic position of Xinjiang’s regional economy an important guarantee.