Xinjiang’s Aksu city, more than 60 tons of cotton bag burst fire

Nov. 16 at about 6 am, located in the city of Aksu in Xinjiang Atta Highway 8 kilometers Kam Tree Drive area of the industry, the company piled up more than 60 tons of cotton (10,720, -45.00, -0.42%, right) package sudden fire in the flame Instant emitting tens of meters high, posing a serious threat to the safety equipment workshop adjacent plant. Aksu City Fire special squadron received orders quickly dispatched a fire engine 4, 20 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, fire officers and soldiers in less than 1 hour of hard fighting, successfully fight the fire, as fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene in a timely manner, no fire Casualties.

6:55, fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, only the cotton plant cotton open-air burning packages have been stacking up at the scene a sea of flames, thick smoke as straight as the clouds made a mistake, the fire from the cotton bag Gap jumped out to spread around, and this time around less than 10 meters away plant workshop equipment under serious threat, if not control, the consequences would be disastrous.

According to the fire scene, the scene of the fire commanders immediately organizations combatants Fensan Lu Bing: two out of water all the way from the east and west sides to attack in order to deter the fire; the other all the way into the production plant, to intercept to prevent the fire from spreading to the processing plant; the third way The two are not fighting to protect from the burning cotton, blazing a quarantine zone to prevent the further spread of the fire. 7:30, the fire was the success of the fight.

Due to very low light cotton, as long as there is one thing will be a resumption of Mars, in order to prevent the resurgence of commanders at the scene and the scene of the fire command officers and soldiers in-depth internal check up on the side pile on the side-by-piece using a water gun fight more than sporadic fire. Fire officers and soldiers in less than 1 hour to fight hard, 7:45, “Huomo” eventually complete eradication.

At present, the fire occurred, as well as the specific causes of damage are verified in further investigation.