Xu: The current textile enterprises to “pocket”

At a time when global economic downturn, businesses should now how to do? Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu ideas this morning at Shaoxing Say: It is now to ” pocket” the future have to “open up the pocket.”


Zhejiang industrial transformation and upgrading of the series of reports began in Shaoxing, the report will be the subject of the textile industry. National letter of the Ministry of Public Works, National Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Textile Industry Association, as well as Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City, a number of leaders and experts attending the meeting.


Xu of the rate of the Chinese Academy of Engineering 5 Textile respect to Shaozeng academicians, mainly to upgrade the textile industry in Zhejiang Province “pulse.” Xu said that the current global economic situation in the doldrums, at this particular time, enterprises to survive, the best approach is ” pocket.” In other words, now the most should do is to find ways to reduce energy consumption and cost savings, preservation of one’s own strength. Subsequently, when the economy showed signs of recovery, to decisively “open pocket,” to invest our hair, firmly seize the opportunity for development.


Today, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician who is also on the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in Zhejiang Province to carry out all aspects of the analysis, which will certainly have lot of wonderful views.