Yilian silk textile industrial park on November 20 officially completed and put into operation

Yingshan County of Hubei Province is located in Yi Lian silk textile industrial park on November 20 officially completed and put into operation, Yilian silk textile industrial park with an annual output of 3,000,000 by the silk production capacity, production and operation on the right track, it will become the country’s production Silk was the largest production base.

Yilian silk textile industry park in Hubei Province from the sun Yilian Silk Textile Co., Ltd. to invest in the planned total investment of 150,000,000 yuan, the construction in three phases. Of these, a project 80,000,000 yuan of investment, construction of major silk production base for processing by supporting the building of 1 million mu of high-quality mulberry bases, and gradually establish and improve product marketing network; 45,000,000 yuan investment in the second phase, the main building Product technology research and development center, supporting the building of 5,000 acres of fields and efficient base; Phase III 25,000,000 yuan of investment, construction of the main production line of silk clothing and sericulture Jing-Chu Science and Technology Museum, built the first silk-skilled workers nationwide long-distance education and training base, and the building of 5000 Acres of fields and efficient base, so that the base of 2 million mu of fields. At present, a project has been completed. All three construction is completed, annual output value is expected to reach more than 1.2 billion, more than 132,000,000 yuan in profits and taxes.

Hubei Yilian the sun by the Beijing Silk Textile Co., Ltd. Yi Lian-li Technology Development Corporation and the silk industry in Hubei sun care products Co., Ltd. is jointly funded the establishment. Beijing Yi Lian-li industry is the country’s largest silk textile goods procurement and supply channels for one, has a strong R & D capacity of textile products, “Yi Lian” trademark in 2007 as Beijing well-known trademarks. Beijing Yi Lian-li industry’s well-established distribution network throughout the country there are more than 4,000 dealers. Yilian Silk Textile Co., Ltd. rely on the sun sericulture resources to actively expand their markets, with their own brand of “good faith sun”, its silk in the domestic market were higher visibility, in July 2007 was awarded the “brand-name products in Hubei Province”.

China Silk Association, the State Department of Commerce Office of silk experts said Yingshan County is located in the Dabie Mountain area with Silk Industry, a solid foundation for sericulture, silk Yilian textile industry park will promote the construction industry as well as Hubei Silk Cocoon and Silk Industry Dabie Mountain area The development of the significant economic benefits.