Zhejiang textile exports shrink

Yi Cha, and the last cotton has been picked for a whole month, the weather is gradually cooling. The weather is colder than the city of cotton. By the global economic crisis, shrinking exports of the textile industry in our province, which affects the cotton market and cotton to make our province to enter the city ahead of “severe winter.”

October cotton, which should have been the peak period, but in October this year, since the cotton market, a recession.冰火两重天compared to the same period last year. Shandong Province, according to Cotton Association survey, Texas area by the end of October to purchase the amount of output accounted for only about 25%, while the proportion in previous years, more than 40%; Heze area is even more serious, by the end of October to purchase the vast majority of enterprises have not yet started, many of the Has also started businesses closed closed off because the price has been down. Wu City, Waste Management, Jia-xiang, and other places seed cotton price for the initial purchase price of 3 yuan / jin, the price has recently dropped to 2.4 yuan / jin around, and some even 2.3 yuan / jin below. Last year, and prices are basically stable at 3 yuan / jin around. Wu and other places of the city farmers lamented: “The price has not even cost less to grow food.”

Although not satisfied with the cotton price, but will continue to drop due to fears that some farmers have no alternative but to sell.

Foreign most of the cotton textile procurement

Can not but say that the cotton textile industry

Shandong Province, according to Guo Mingquan Cotton Association, this year, the province’s area of 1420 mu of cotton, 10 million mu more than last year, the total output of cotton in more than 1,000,000 tons, and cotton in our province at about 4,000,000 tons.

Guo Mingquan said that the textile industry in Shandong from the beginning of the end of last century has entered a rapid development period, yarn production in 2007 reached 5,609,600 tons, 9 years, an increase of nearly 9 times. In our province in recent years, yarn, cloth output ranking first in the nation.

In recent years, relying on raw materials and other areas, Shandong has been the rapid rise of a number of large production scale, technology-intensive, the ability to earn foreign exchange, have first-class advanced equipment, textile enterprises, the province’s cotton textile industry has embarked on a cluster The development of the track, both at home and abroad to form a group of influential brand enterprises, Wei Bridge, that is, fat, smug, Lu Tai, wild orchids, such as textile and apparel park has well-established.

Textile enterprises in the development of a group at the same time, a group of small-scale textile enterprises have mushroomed, with the rapid development of the province are part of the county (city Yun, Xiajin, high-density, etc.) of the large number of textile industry, spinning capacity of more than 1,000,000 spindles, the local textile industry has become a major source of revenue. In Yuncheng Xian, for example, as of the end of 2007, the textile industry throughout the county a total of 193, the largest textile enterprises is 100,000 spindles, small factories only a few thousand spindles to the production of low-oriented yarn, textile enterprises throughout the county in 2007 Turned over to the county tax revenue accounts for nearly half. 2007, the national textile industry faced many difficulties in the general economic downturn, Shandong textile industry still maintained a relatively stable development.

To enter in 2008, the national textile enterprises have encountered unprecedented difficulties, a substantial increase in labor costs, a shortage of funds, poor exports and other issues so far have not been fundamentally resolved, the current financial crisis made worse textile enterprises. Future trends, it is difficult to predict.

Guo Mingquan, the Shandong-based textile enterprises in previous years, the industry has developed into a cluster, equipment and technology as a whole more advanced management experience, and other advantages in the new round of competition, the textile enterprises in Shandong would be living in a more favorable position As long as the economic environment are not significant changes, the annual demand for cotton will be normal, the city is expected to pick cotton.