Zhejiang textile machinery enterprises to develop specific measures to develop the international market

Since the second half of this year by the global financial crisis, Zhejiang textile machinery import and export business has declined. Recently, the bureau convened a timely understanding of the situation relevant enterprises to study and formulate specific measures to help enterprises to develop international markets.

It is learned that Zhejiang textile machinery enterprises mainly focus on the international market in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and other regions, production of products with a certain degree of technical content, but the type was incomplete, the industrial chain shorter and internally developed large parts of textile machinery Provincial compared weak. By the financial crisis, the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, this year’s decline in exports next year are also not too optimistic about the situation. In the process of opening up international markets, the enterprise information sources is relatively narrow, there are not many channels, the international market demand, lack of information; bulky textile machinery, occupy an area of more booths, transport costs and higher costs, resulting in domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in a professional exhibition will be higher cost, and sometimes only with publicity materials exhibitors, amounting to less than the expected results; many enterprises do not form their own overseas sales network, network.

Bureau responsible person revealed, with the exception of countries to encourage and support the import and export of machinery and electronic products related policies, as well as Shaanxi province to promote economic and trade development funds, small and medium-sized funds to develop the international market and other provinces on the support of policy, in 2009 the Office will in four areas to help and support for textile machinery enterprises to open up international markets. First, the Organization of textile machinery enterprises to South America, South Asia, to promote textile machinery products, opening up overseas markets; the second is the use of existing public platforms and business promotion activities inside and outside, made a vigorous promotion of textile machinery products; Third, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises to absorb into the marketing strategies Union, to strengthen the information communication to jointly promote the textile machinery enterprises into the international market; fourth is the use of national and provincial support on the mechanical and electrical products import and export of capital, with emphasis given to the textile machinery manufacturing enterprises support.