Zhejiang’s textile enterprises from the “export-dependent” to “break through the Central Plains, west strategy of” transition

Sitting on “Zhejiang knitwear exports in the first town” reputation as a 20-year-old Zhejiang Xiangshan Town, Grand intend to take the initiative to let it out of a hat. The less than one square kilometer gathered in the seaside town of Jin Qianjia knitting enterprises, recently, business owners are busy in the Midwest to establish sales channels, local leading enterprises to talk about the importance Ju Ying Chan, chairman of the Group: “The world financial crisis struck , Is out of the export-dependent companies, to expand domestic demand and market opportunities. ”

“Do not worry about the export orders will be lazy people”

Grand is the town’s main cotton knitwear export base for one of the more than 1,000 small businesses to form a complete industrial chain of exports, several leading enterprises has been the “Nike” “Adidas” “Puma” Well-known international brands knit family of OEM fixed-point processing base.

Chen talk about the importance of: “a group of knitwear orders from, as long as a few days time, companies here will be able to complete the weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, garment processing, packaging the entire process, foreign trade companies, foreign distributors will take the initiative to come. “Rely on industrial clustering effect accumulated over the years, as well as the well-known in recent years, there’s almost no need for exporters to worry about foreign trade orders. Town, Grand production of fabrics, clothing and more than 80% of export to the United States, Europe, Japan and other traditional markets.

35-year-old Chen Yi-fan according to the disciples, the founder of Fu Yong Group in east China is quite well-known printing enterprises, in the Grand River, he was first aware of the “do not have to worry about the order” to hide behind the crisis. Yi-fan told reporters: “The flow of export orders will be lazy person, always dependent on exports, business operators lack a sense of crisis and the performance incentive.” He explained that to rely solely on the export business is being “Throat of cards” in the sales channel entirely in the hands of others, he did not have room for maneuver.

From the “export-dependent” to “break through the Central Plains, west strategy of” transition

From the beginning of the first half of this year, Yi-fan in Henan, and Shaanxi in central and western hinterland moved to shift business to find opportunity, and the establishment of domestic sales channels. His action has been Juying Group, Ningbo, such as the Group of South Grand River several major knitting enterprises, in June this year, Fu Yong, Ju Ying, such as Grand River knit group of enterprises to invest 1.2 billion of the combined textile and garment city project Kaifeng in Henan Weishi County to start construction of the planned annual output of 30,000 tons high-grade fabric, printing 10,000 tons, clothing 60,000,000.

Dozens of local export processing enterprises in Henan Province came to follow Yi-fan, they Yi-fan after another after the win. At present, they form a consensus, the Central Plains region with a large population, transport, rigid low cost, commercial wide degree of radiation, the national policy of expanding domestic demand under the guidance of the “Central Plains who have to get the world.”

According to the Federation of Enterprises in Zhejiang, Shaanxi Province, introduced the Secretary-General Qin Xiaolan, in Zhejiang, Shaanxi investment of 20 million people, more than 2,000 enterprises in the west of good market to attract them is a magic weapon. If there are more than 10 million business in Xinjiang set up factories in Zhejiang, only the cotton has a total investment of more than 10,000,000,000 yuan. In addition to Xinjiang to promote their own consumption, with eight KMT and the adjacent 1.35 billion population is more market potential radiation.

People must be allowed to expand domestic demand and consumer convenience

Compared with foreign trade and expand domestic demand, the market is the key to building sales networks, many of Zhejiang’s “exports to domestic sales,” the companies to test their abilities.

Yi-fan believes that the best selling model is the most convenient way to let people spend the most suitable for their products. Despite the Ju Ying, Fu Yong of the Group’s investment in enterprises in Henan have not put into their unique marketing ideas have taken shape. It is reported that their domestic production here in the knitwear affordable location, “Caravan” in-depth majority of the rural township. Yi-fan said that a “caravan” is a movement of the clothing stores, farmers can buy a home with the export price and quality similar to that of knitwear.

Ningboluozi group while the central and western regions of the county as their sales terminals, and forced to send elite troops in the central and western areas of the layout. Originally in charge of Jiangsu Chen Jianjun market is now in charge of Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other provinces to open up the market, at least 20 days per month in travel around the county joined the search, at the same time their training system, he believes that stimulate the central and western cities and towns The commercial viability of domestic demand is leveraging the “fulcrum.”