Zibo Convective Textile Group actively lay three cards

Since last year, the convective company based on market developments and changes in a timely adjustment of marketing strategy, efforts to expand the domestic market, reduce exports in order to reduce the profits from the appreciation of the renminbi down. Are facing a difficult situation, they take the initiative to lay the scientific and technological innovation, brand building and scientific management of three cards. At present, the order has been at the top of the July 2009.

In order to ensure market advantage, the company actively adjust and optimize the product structure. In the successful development of dyed yarn to produce high-grade, high-grade line yarn embroidery yarn and three kinds of cost-effectiveness of the new high yarn products at the same time, he has also successfully test-spinning out of metal fiber / cotton blended yarn fiber . Now the product has been completed proofing and customer trials, the quality indicators are up to customer requests. It was learned that the product is the production of anti-static-functional high-end yarn fabric products, as a result of high technical content, the current small production enterprises, the market potential and profit margins than larger, is expected to become the company’s new products. At present, the company’s new products, the average monthly sales volume of 800 tons, accounting for the company’s sales of 60%.

Zero requirements, regardless of the cost of service, with customers the company’s brand development is the convective an important aspect of the building. To meet the demand for customer orders, since last year, the company has accumulated to nearly 1,500 cars, production of up to 40 kinds of species, multi-procurement without the “three silk” 8,000 tons of high-quality cotton. At the same time, the company always pay attention to product quality. 2008 has invested 300 million yuan to introduce the world’s most advanced automatic winder and Autoleveller function with a new type of machine and equipment, with authoritative department detection, product quality indicators Uster communique reached the level of 5% . At present, the “convective” trademarks and products have been named in Shandong Province, Shandong famous brand products and the state exemption.
To support the development of the textile industry, the state has issued to raise the export tax rebate rate, the purchase of Xinjiang to give freight subsidy and support the development of textile industry in the six measures, such as a series of preferential policies. For the rapid transformation of national policy development for the company’s driving force, the company’s focus on national industrial policy and to persuade the relevant technical, financial, project support. Convective company has won the financial sector cotton 40 million yuan of loans, small and medium-sized special funds to subsidize the development of 150,000 yuan.
To cut expenses, the company introduced the cost of contracting system workshop on the implementation of TM machine materials consumption, fixed management; actively carry out the repair of old Lee spent and the “five small” innovation activities. According to statistics, in 2008 the company’s aircraft materials consumption expenditure fell by 5 percent year-on-year, non-productive expenditure dropped by 10%. At the same time, innovative management model workers, the implementation of management by walking around. Actively carry out job training, organizing various forms of skills training, technology and labor emulation contest. Strengthen the study and education of workers, strengthen their confidence and guide workers to jointly meet the challenge.