how to order

Frist Step:
Select your Email me design Nubmer or attached the picture by Email(If you can not realise the picture number)
(1)Which quality you like you want ,For example aubusson rugs,savonnerie rugs and so on
(2)which size you can accept,For example 9×12(feet),or2.74×3.65(CM)
(3)special requirement for custom order,like changing color and design.please email me

Second Step:
I will check the stock status for you,

If availble ,i can ship to you by DHL courier or others upon receipt of your payment.Please refer to the shopping terms.
Delivery Date: 5-7 work days

If not available,we can do a new one for custom order for you.
Delivery Date:(3-6 months).

Third Step:
Before shipping,our workers will check the quality carefully, I will email you the shipping information upon Delivering,For example,If by DHL,i will show you the tracking number for checking

Any questions,please email me at