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Aubusson chinese rugs were easily distinguished because of their style, featuring a floral medallion and pastel

Aubusson carpets graced the floors throughout all of Europe in the 17th and the 18th century. Aubusson rugs were
produced during the 17th century in a town in France known as Aubusson. Aubusson rug  are, indeed, made today elsewhere
than at Aubusson, for any weaver of tapestry may make a rug in the style of Aubusson.

During the past century, the aubusson oriental area rugs has become valued throughout the world as a work of art. With
its rich history and color, the Oriental Area handmade Rugs often is called the aristocrat of carpets. Although the
Oriental handmade rug of today may not soar through the air like the magic carpet of Arabian legend, the Oriental Area
aubusson rugs does perform magic, transforming interior spaces intoextraordinary spaces.

Unlike most Oriental Area Rugs that are woven for everyday use by the weavers themselves or for sale in local or foreign
markets, European Decorative french Rugs have been mainly custom-made and designed by famous designers of the time.
European French Rugs styles are unique in that they have mirrored the arts of different European periods such as
paintings and architecture. For example, French Aubusson Rugs,French Needlepoint Aubusson rugs,French Savonnerie
handmade rugs of the 17th and 18th centuries copied the elegant floral designs and vivid colors of the Baroque and
Rococo styles of that period. Many 18th-century European French Aubusson  chinese rugs even copied the ceiling designs
of the rooms for which they were commissioned.

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