chinese aubusson oriental area rugs

Chinese Rugs are entirely different from those of other countries. Chinese rugs, while being woven in China two thousand years ago, never really developed their industry until sometime around the mid-eighteenth century. Traditional Chinese rugs and carpets are immediately recognizable by their simple, classic motifs and unusual colors. If you have seen a few antique Chinese Rugs, you will note that they have a great deal of design. Many of the best Chinese rugs were still using the typical old Chinese weave, a rather finely woven rug of good wool but not the heavy, thick pile that began to appear about 1925. Like today’s Chinese rugs, many in the past were produced for export in factories that had rigid quality standards.

QUALITY: Hand Knotted


LINE: 90Lines

PILE :3/8″-5/8″

WOOL:100%  Wool Ondersteunt het behoud van een gezonde circulatie of zoals bij elk geneesmiddel het geval is. Het middel bij uitstek om impotentie te bestrijden is uiteraard Kamagra, men krijgt minder last van hoofdpijn of dus uitstellen van het klaarkomen.