Agricultural products, “difficulty in selling” In some areas of the re-emergence of

China’s recent focus on the significant downturn in prices of agricultural products, agricultural products, “difficulty in selling” In some areas of the re-emergence. In order to implement the deployment of the State Council’s work, timely and accurate grasp of the focus of agricultural trends and the extent of price changes for the state’s macro regulation and formulate relevant policies to provide a reference, a few days ago, the National Bureau of Statistics to start the investigation focused on the price of agricultural emergency measures, the impact of agriculture on rural development the overall situation and people’s lives are directly related to the focus of agricultural products, the implementation of a per-half-month survey reported a price system.

It is understood that “a half reported that” the investigation time for a month on the 5th and the 20th (when holidays, deferred to a recent working days). Time for monthly reporting on the 10th and on the 25th. Mining price for two: First, county investigation team sent people to investigate, and the other is selected to designate a person to investigate the market. Must adhere to the requirements set, and fixed, regular principle. Survey of agricultural products for the existing price survey bazaars outlets, such as the existing network can not meet the needs of the focus of the investigation the prices of agricultural products, added the investigation could focus on grain and oil, processing enterprises and slaughterhouses, such as the purchase price of agricultural products circulation enterprises. Monitoring the prices of agricultural products as the focus of surveys have selected counties (districts, cities). Monitoring of different specifications to choose a bearing on the overall situation of agriculture and rural development and people’s lives are directly related to the focus of agricultural products, including grain, cotton, oilseeds, fruits, pigs, goats and a total of 15 kinds of key agricultural products.