By the financial crisis, domestic textile export growth declined

11 in the second half, Shandong Province, more than 1400 hectares of cotton picking has been basically finished, but farmers have encountered difficulties in increasing output without increasing income. By the financial crisis, domestic textile export growth rate of decline in cotton production and enterprises are facing cash flow problems, and so difficult to recover and eventually transfer to the cotton price, the price of seed cotton reached the lowest in five years, cotton farmers had to stack at home, waiting for the price Rebound.

■ cotton production survey

Last year, an increase of 50 per mu than catties revenue will be down 500 yuan

Qu Jiyang County embankment in the town of Ka-Ping Jin species this year, nearly 5 acres of cotton, nearly 600 jin per mu, has been picking up, there are no homes to sell. “This morning there were 108 dealers offer two hours, I did not sell the price is too low!” He said, the village now than in previous years, cotton traders, a price much lower than last year.

He said that in September became scale, the purchase price of 2.9 yuan to 2.8 in the catty, in mid-October, dropped to 2.4 to 2.5 yuan catty, to the end of October fell to 2.0 to 2.3 yuan catty, and even now some Cotton traders to bid as low as 1.8 to 1.9 yuan catty, the overall price of nearly 30 percent lower than last year, and really do not have the heart to sell.

Last year, according to 3.35 yuan / jin of the sale price of the 2700 cotton Duo Jin Jin-ping, for now the market is difficult to accept. “Excluding various expenses, basically do not make money, how willing to sell ah.” Jin-ping said that last year 550 jin per mu, 3.35 yuan a catty, gross income is 1842.5 yuan, 600 jin per mu this year, according to 2.3 yuan / jin Balance, gross income is 1380 yuan, the per mu yield of the amount of income to 462.5 yuan; fertilizer this year, a lot of film prices, combined with pesticides and hire all costs, the cost of land per mu yield of 800 yuan, that is to say Only this year, net income more than 500 yuan, about half of last year.

Feng Hui, in the town of many of the village, cotton acreage is relatively more, such as Ka-Ping Xu and Ka, with an average per household to four or five kinds of acres, there are a number of acres. As the prices continue to fall this year, many growers to pick a good pile of cotton at home does not sell the house shining white cotton piled into the hill.

Cotton price fall into three major Zhongmian tens of thousands of already heavy pile of cotton at home

In order to have a better understanding of the cotton market, Jinan reporters on the periphery of the cotton production have also been visited. Zouping County, Binzhou City in the Ming Hsu market town crossing the village, the villagers are home contractors as well as on dozens of acres of cotton to mu.

Liu’s home by two and a half room filled with cotton, has been to the top beam, and this is his 50 acres of land production, a total of about 20,000 Duojin. “Price too low last year, 3.5 yuan a catty, there are only 2.3 yuan a catty, does not really have the heart to sell.”

Price of 2.3 yuan to him what it means? Produced by Liu Zhong Mianhua remember when one of the books: 450 jin per mu according to the count, 2.3 yuan / jin, the gross income 1035 yuan; and the per mu yield of the contract fee to 350 yuan, 160 yuan fertilizer money, along with seeds, pesticides , And other costs, the cost of not less than 700 money. “Picking cotton and cotton amendments to hire each worker at least 30 yuan per day.” There are three books on the total, up 6510 yuan fee of cotton, cotton repair costs 3,500 yuan, 8,000 yuan fertilizer money, the contract fee per mu 350 yuan. According to the current price, selling 22,500 to 51,750 yuan jin, 51750 – (6510 +3500 +8000 +350 × 50) = 16240 (million), and then divided by 50 (mu) equal to 324.8 yuan / mu, seeds, pesticides and other small Because the accounts are too small and not count them, the light would have 30-50 yuan per mu yield the seeds. That being the case, the per mu yield of species to have been little profit. It is necessary to lower prices at a loss.

It is understood that the village there are 1,500 acres of cotton, the villagers finished picking the existence of most of the homes did not sell.

Dongying City in Guangrao County, and Dezhou, the price of seed cotton this year was only 2.3 yuan / jin, over the previous year of 3.35 yuan / jin, or about three-cheng, cotton farmers to take measures to keep up is the same.

visit the production chain

Decline in cotton prices, many factory production

“Has more than 1 month did not close the cotton, to pay more the more.” Jiyang County in the town of wind-jen, the cotton factory bosses Xu Tong face with that smile.

Cotton industry Feng Hui, the town is one of the pillars of the private economy, but also to promote an important way to increase income of farmers. 19 am, in the northern provincial capital of Ji Yang Ming-yu of agricultural and sideline products processing plant, close to the road sprayed on the wall “Yin-hua Isshiki Snow Hill plot” message, after going into the cotton product is not spectacular mountain scenes, but also heard To the roar of voices machinery, Xu Tong is the boss and a few friends to chat in the office.

“Machine has been stopped, workers have long been dismissed, the market is not good.” Tang Xu not care about the present operation of going from bad to worse. He said the whole town is now wind-jen estimated of more than 80 cotton plants, but 80 percent more than in a state of production. Tang Xu said that this year started on September 16 to buy cotton, in mid-October to close more than 80 million jin after a stop last year at this time has reached more than 300 million jin. “Farmers are not willing to sell, we did not dare to close plant cotton because the price is too low.”

Now in accordance with the cotton plants to be 2.4 yuan / jin acquisition of seed cotton, excluding processing costs, wages and interest on loans, and so on, or to make money.

It is understood that the wind-jen in the town of cotton processing plants will be good to the lint cotton spinning enterprises in the field, in accordance with only 10,000 yuan / ton, with the previous 12,600 yuan / ton compared to big income gap between the low, almost at a loss.

Low profits are diverted to the cotton traders

In the visit, many villagers said that in the previous period, cotton, cotton traders are everywhere in the village, and this year, but rarely seen, even if one or two met, they received no more than cotton.

A condition of anonymity, said cotton traders, not much profit as a result, many people have quit the line. Last year, so he can make the catty 2-3 cents, but removed this year, fuel costs, and so on, at most it earn a dime, it did not.

Cotton traders and cotton plants become harder to cotton spinning enterprises are tough days.

Because of the decline in export growth, the province has a large cotton textile enterprises in October to stop on the job, production has been reduced. According to many workers that they now have to implement rest, lint in the past to send the vehicle blocking the entrance to queue up at the plant, is now very quiet.

related to changes in the market

Quilt shop processing business increased

Provincial Park north of the city near the Main Street bridge with three holes textile market, the quilt shop is busy processing, and the door of the house are filled with packages of lint, “is a new lint from the Tang Jin, do bed Let the new quilt, a cheaper price this year. “In the East, a shop owner Mr. Chen while finishing with a lint while greeting customers. Two workers inside are doing quilts, large white lint covered with layers, a new quilt soon be a cause of. “My son married, I did a 6 new quilt.” Members of the public Miss Zhao Xi Zizi said.

“Do not see that this year’s new cotton last year, the basic 15 pound of money this year, 12 small amount of money.” Western, a larger shop owner Miss Hu told reporters that because of cheap cotton this year, their purchase price is also a lot cheaper , 45 pound of cheap money to make a quilt to a new low close to 30 dollars.

“Cold weather, do a few bed quilt cover, cheap cotton this year, or quality.” Many members of the public to take the quilt said. The owner also said that the recent increase in the public’s quilt to do a lot.

Xiajin cotton farmers to look for capital market

“This is my own shells of lint, a few bed quilt to do it, 10 dollars a pound, prices have dropped 6 of the money.” Bridge three holes in the vicinity of the market, the German city of Xiajin County cotton farmers Miss Xu The call.

Speaking of the price of cotton this year, Miss Xu straight curl one’s lips, pointing to the new face of lint, “lint pound bomb in previous years to sell 16 money this year, 10 money is difficult to sell.” Miss Xu family planted 30 acres of cotton, mu Nissan 600 jin, as the cheap, harvested nearly 20,000 jin of cotton are pile also at home. “Last year it was impossible to collect around the village of cotton, very lively, three five-pound, on the day I sold more than 8,000 yuan, the lowest this year, Cotton also received less.”

In desperation, her sister and the cotton part of the consignment to Jinan, through the streets and set up a stall selling method of selling cotton. “Two days to sell about 200 jin, a majority of depositors at home.”